About Us



During a trip to France, Michael Daoud, the co-founder of XShot, found it difficult to take pictures of him and his wife while sightseeing. Michael would hold the camera and extend his arm as far as possible to take a picture of he and his wife but the result was always disappointing, especially if they were trying to capture the background in the picture.

The idea for the XShot came to Michael when he was at a park in front of the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. Michael tried to capture a photo of him and his wife with the Louvre in the background but because the camera was only at arm’s length and so close to their faces, only a small part of the Louvre Museum was in the picture. Michael realized that if his arm was a little longer he could take much better pictures. As a result he came up with the idea of having a telescopic arm that could hold the camera and be extended to take a full picture of the subjects and the background.

Michael enlisted the help of his friend John Stump, an inventor and mechanical engineer, and XShot was born. With XShot, taking a self-portrait looks like someone else took the picture, especially because of the extended 37 inches of reach it provides. It's just amazing! Every time Michael and John tested XShot with their families they were amazed at the great results.

They knew that other travelers such as themselves would love having an XShot along with them whether traveling around the world, hiking, out on a boat, or simply at home with the family. No more close-up mug shots, hello XShot!

Since 2008 Michael and John kept thinking about new ways to get people in their shots and came up with new products: a 2.0 version of the original camera extender, a compact version with the Pocket XShotXShot iPhone cases with tripod adapters for smartphone photo and video and a kayak mount.