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America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride by Gary Cruz with a GoPro and XShot Pro

Congratulations Gary for this amazing and beautiful race around Lake Tahoe!
Our dear XShot friend Gary Cruz you may know as a photographer, is an bike fanatic as well.  He ran the 23rd annual America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride organized by Bike the … Continue reading

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Technology is Pushing Sports to New Realms

These days, sports fans know the best seat in the house for a game is actually in their houses, in front of the television. Today's sports are so big and the fans so demanding they challenge modern technology to keep … Continue reading

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Interview of David Hoffmann, independent Travel blogger and videographer

Meet David Hoffmann, one of our favorite independent travel blogger and videographer! David has been thoroughly exploring one country at a time in order to share what every country has to offer through videos, guides, articles and photos and sharing it … Continue reading

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XShot June 2014 Picture of the Month: DC Skateboarding Day Selfie

Congratulations Clark Samson for your Father and Son selfie at the DC SKATEBOARDING Day at Makati, in the Philippines!

Shot with the XShot pole + Olympus U 850 SW at DC Go Skateboarding Day (June 21, 2014)

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Shoot a video with your dog’s perspective with the Pocket XShot: NorCal Corgi Summer Solstice Beach Day

If you ever wondered what your dog was seeing from his perspective and his tiny height as we are talking about Corgis, just check out Pokguy915's video!
The whole video was shot down low, following the corgis on the beach with … Continue reading

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XShot Pro Selfie Stick Review by Ryan Gargiulo: Perfect for Travel!

Ryan Gargiulo is a world traveler, sharing his experiences from the road, and inspiring his readers to break out of their comfort zones and experience everything this wonderful world has to offer. He writes a fantastic travel blog called Pause The Moment, … Continue reading

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360 Selfie video around the world with an XShot Selfie stick, a GoPro and Sony ActionCam

Check out Raymond Haikal's awesome 360 Selfie video around the world: the perfect inspiration for your travel bucket list!
Raymond traveled in 2013 and 2014 in South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and Peru, and he shot 360° short … Continue reading

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Cute couple’s selfie in Ankara, Turkey – XShot May 2014 Picture of the Month

Congratulations Chris and Pouneh from Longing to Travel! Thank you for your great XShot selfies in Ankara, the view is pretty amazing from the castle.

XShot Selfie on top of the Ankara Kalesi
About Longing to Travel
Chris and Pouneh are passionately curious, travel enthusiasts and … Continue reading

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Non-stop adventure, surfing, snowkiting, skateboarding, design and photography: Interview of Giufo Soulboarder, Italy

Giufo Soulboarder is an Italian outdoors fanatics and amazing photographer. Give him any kind of board, on wheels, on water or fresh powder and you'll be amazed by what you see.
It has been a love story between Giufo and the … Continue reading

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Beth Withman

May 2014
Best selfies are made with the @XShot. I'll be testing it at high altitude on the #Snowman2014 trek in September 

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