America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride by Gary Cruz with a GoPro and XShot Pro
July 22nd, 2014

Congratulations Gary for this amazing and beautiful race around Lake Tahoe!

Our dear XShot friend Gary Cruz you may know as a photographer, is an bike fanatic as well.  He ran the 23rd annual America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride organized by Bike the West and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The video was filmed with a GoPro Hero 3+ black, and the XShot Pro camera extender: a perfect combo to video yourself and your surroundings and get unique angles on the bike.

Follow Gary along the way and enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing race.

Video Gary Cruz on YouTube

The 72-mile America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride circumnavigates the highways clockwise around Lake Tahoe in both Nevada and California. It includes a challenging 800 foot climb to a rest stop overlooking Emerald Bay and a 1,000 foot climb to Spooner Junction. There are also many short rolling ascents and descents totaling over 4,024 vertical feet of elevation gain! The altitude ranges between 6,300 feet and 7,100 feet above sea level and the ride is recommended for conditioned recreational bicyclist, not for beginners. 

More info to prepare next year's race :

Technology is Pushing Sports to New Realms
July 18th, 2014

These days, sports fans know the best seat in the house for a game is actually in their houses, in front of the television. Today's sports are so big and the fans so demanding they challenge modern technology to keep up with them. Fans are hungry for the next new experience in their beloved sports. Modern technology is giving them that opportunity.

Looking at Sports From a Different Angle

If you watched this year's Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, you'd notice a lot of camera action around the hitters. One in particular is the small camera mounted on top of the catcher's helmet. When Nick Woodman designed the GoPro mobile camera, it gave sports fans the opportunity to view their favorite sports in a whole new and unique way, from the athletes' point of view. With the popularity of social media use among professional and amateur athletes, these nifty little cameras have given athletes the ability to show their points of view more and also show a little of their personalities, too, often recording themselves and teammates where television cameras can't access.

Photo @Giufo Soulboarder

Social media and the athletes' growing urge to have their own personal voice has given modern technology the ideas to create "selfie" personas, both in the sports fan base and with sports figures of all kinds. Since GoPro was introduced in 2004, these wearable video cameras have been mounted everywhere in sports, from motocross helmets to to race car dashboards even on daredevils participating in the running of the bulls at Pamplona.

Actually, the local authorities in the city of Pamplona are trying to prevent the use of devices like GoPro as they feel it generates irresponsible behaviors as people try to get a dramatic shot as the bulls are coming at them. But no doubt this convenient device has allowed fans and athletes the chance to show a fresh perspective of sports.

Similar to GoPro is the lightweight monopod XShot device, which allows a user to take video or photos. Its handheld telescopic pole also gives fans an advantage when videotaping action on the field, as it allows you to extend it a few feet to get that great shot of a home run in the stands over the crowd, for example. Perfect for all the action shots and videos: snowboarding, paragliding, hiking, surfing and more.

Send in the Drones

National League Football fans and fantasy football fanatics can't get enough of the sport, with the off-season being most grueling. So when football camps start, anything and everything is absorbed and dissected. Hence the reason drones are being used to cover action at football camps. Where drones were once specifically thought of as a military spy weapon or a neat air mailing device, it has now become the modern version of the Goodyear Blimp. Not only can these devices provide a birds-eye view of practice of your beloved team, they can also be used to dole out gifts, like T-shirts, to the crowd. Drones will be a featured tool in the production of the NFL Network's "Inside Training Camp" television series, too.

Feeling the Game

Every fan feels the exhilarating rush of triumph and the crushing blow of defeat. But advanced technology has found a way to actually feel the game even more. Using Bluetooth technology, creators of the Alert Shirt have managed to make a shirt with built-in sensors that enable fans to literally feel a player being tackled or feel the jitters a player is having as a big play develops. The Alert Shirt is only available for Australian Rules Football at the moment, but it can't be too long before big-time sports industries like the NFL pick it up. It is yet another example of how the curiosity in sports fans and players alike are driving modern technology to deliver a cutting edge experience.

Interview of David Hoffmann, independent Travel blogger and videographer
July 2nd, 2014

Meet David Hoffmann, one of our favorite independent travel blogger and videographer! David has been thoroughly exploring one country at a time in order to share what every country has to offer through videos, guides, articles and photos and sharing it on David's been here. He has been to 59 countries and 916 cities and counting…

It has been a pleasure getting to know him better and we can't wait to discover David's new upcoming adventures in South Africa.


1. Why did you choose your path and how did you get started? 

"I always had a feeling that I would somehow make a career out of travel. It’s always been a passion of mine to explore new places and meet strangers who eventually become friends. I got started in 2007 hosting travel videos for my David’s Been Here web show. Since then I have expanded significantly and we now have guidebooks, merchandise, and custom tour packages. I still create my web show, which is why I thought the XShot would be the perfect compliment to my work. It’s small, portable, and I can easily travel with it. It helps me use my GoPro in ways I couldn’t before."

2. How did you hear about the XShot camera extenders?

" From my friend and fellow travel blogger, Ryan Gargiulo of Pause the Moment. When he came to Miami to visit, I took him to an Alligator Farm in the Everglades. He took the XShot with him on an airboat ride and filmed the whole thing. He got great footage of the ride, so I went on the XShot website and was blown away at how other people were using it, especially the professional skiers and snowboarders." Read his XShot Pro very detailed review.

3. What do you always carry in your camera/travel bag? 

"I can’t leave without two extra camera batteries for my Canon 6D, a one-terabyte external hard drive, my monopod, and now my XShot, which has my GoPro attached to it."


4. Where is your favorite location to take pictures? 


"Anywhere from above. I love going to the top of the tallest buildings, surrounding hills, or anywhere that will give me great panoramic views of the places I visit." 


 5We noticed that you had been very creative with the XShot, how do you think you will use it the most?

  "It will for sure enhance my videos because now I will be able to get steady shots of myself walking through streets, markets, or other crowded places, plus I will be able to shoot busy areas from above because the XShot extends.

I am also happy that I won’t need to ask other people to take my picture anywhere again!"


6. Can you share an anecdote or funny story you encountered while using your XShot?

 "I have more of a warning for other XShot users: When fully extended, watch where you’re going! I almost wacked a few tourists in Belgrade while I was trying to get a video of myself walking."


7. Tell us about your new exciting trips and projects to come.

"At the end of May,  I was off to the Faroe Islands and thenI'll go to South Africa for a month beginning August 14th. The XShot will get lots of use in the coming months, for sure!"

About David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann is a twenty-something media production company CEO. Since 2007 his aim has been to bring destinations to life through fun and informative videos, as well as to help others travel independently. David publishes guidebooks and articles, and encourages all travelers to ditch the rushed group tours and buy a map! Find out more on

Connect with David through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.


XShot June 2014 Picture of the Month: DC Skateboarding Day Selfie
June 29th, 2014

Congratulations Clark Samson for your Father and Son selfie at the DC SKATEBOARDING Day at Makati, in the Philippines!


Shot with the XShot pole + Olympus U 850 SW at DC Go Skateboarding Day (June 21, 2014)

Shoot a video with your dog’s perspective with the Pocket XShot: NorCal Corgi Summer Solstice Beach Day
June 24th, 2014

If you ever wondered what your dog was seeing from his perspective and his tiny height as we are talking about Corgis, just check out Pokguy915's video!

The whole video was shot down low, following the corgis on the beach with a GoPro mounted on a Pocket XShot extender. Welcome to Happy Dog's World on NorCal Corgi Summer Solstice Beach Day!

Source YouTube pokguy915

XShot Pro Selfie Stick Review by Ryan Gargiulo: Perfect for Travel!
June 18th, 2014

Ryan Gargiulo is a world traveler, sharing his experiences from the road, and inspiring his readers to break out of their comfort zones and experience everything this wonderful world has to offer. He writes a fantastic travel blog called Pause The Moment, where you will find all kind of inspiration, tips, itineraries and the best off the beaten path addresses.

Ryan tested out the new XShot Pro earlier this year and gave us some great feedback. He has owned and used all the XShot poles since 2010, from the big XShot 2.0 to the Pocket one, and has taken them all over the world on epic adventures. Thanks to his great insights and some of our dear extreme testers Cormac, Giufo and Cade, we managed to improve even more the new Pro and we are thrilled to offer you the best today.

“The XShot Camera Extender has been traveling with me since my first around the world trip in 2010. It's been dune bashing in the Sahara Desert, held high atop the Eiffel Tower, parasailing in Key West, handled by playing children in a remote Fijian village, jetskiing in Marco Island, on safari in South Africa, and hiking through two National Parks in Utah, by my side during a baby sea turtle release in Mexico and so much more! Take the awkwardness out of arms-length selfies with the XShot!".

Check out Ryan's detailed review of the XShot Pro camera extender, and get ready to travel far with him, watching the beautiful pictures he took while on the road. Thanks Ryan!


In laymans terms, the XShot Pro is a universal tripod mount attached to a handheld telescopic pole that enables you to take the most epic selfies and group shots of you and your friends. The idea is absolutely brilliant. I mean, just think about it for a second. Everyone is taking selfies these days, right? There’s a reason why Oxford Dictionaries named the word “Selfie” the Word of the Year in 2013.

Now, we’ve all attempted to take a selfie or two of ourselves, but how many of you were satisfied with the outcome after having to extend your go-go gadget arm out as far as possible to get the shot?

Read more about the following subjects in the whole review on Pause The Moment.






Absolutely! I think the XShot Pro is a solid choice for anyone wanting to capture killer selfies and adventurous action shots no matter where you are in the world, whether you’re snapping photos high above the crowd at a concert to exploring the Pyramids of Giza, the XShot has you covered."


Go travel now!

360 Selfie video around the world with an XShot Selfie stick, a GoPro and Sony ActionCam
June 10th, 2014

Check out Raymond Haikal's awesome 360 Selfie video around the world: the perfect inspiration for your travel bucket list!

Raymond traveled in 2013 and 2014 in South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil and Peru, and he shot 360° short videos of himself and the beautiful background and scenery around him. This is such a great way to capture perfect memories for the trip of a lifetime and a very nice way to show us a glimpse of the different places and make us want to see more. 

The video was shot with a GoPro camera, a Sony Action Cam and an XShot Selfie Stick: the perfect combo and ultimate selfie machine to capture your adventures on the go . 


Source: Raymond Haikal on YouTube

Warning: this video may cause extreme dizziness!


Cute couple’s selfie in Ankara, Turkey – XShot May 2014 Picture of the Month
May 31st, 2014

Congratulations Chris and Pouneh from Longing to Travel! Thank you for your great XShot selfies in Ankara, the view is pretty amazing from the castle.


xshot selfie in ankara

XShot Selfie on top of the Ankara Kalesi

About Longing to Travel

Chris and Pouneh are passionately curious, travel enthusiasts and self-proclaimed global citizens. They currently live in Turkey and their blog, "Longing to Travel", is a great guide to living, traveling, working, studying and surviving your life abroad. "We hope this blog will help other 20-30-somethings build a successful and fulfilling life overseas."


Please continue to share your pictures with us : we love it and you may be selected like this one and win prizes. You can email them at , or upload them directly on our Facebook page.  

Non-stop adventure, surfing, snowkiting, skateboarding, design and photography: Interview of Giufo Soulboarder, Italy
May 20th, 2014

Giufo Soulboarder is an Italian outdoors fanatics and amazing photographer. Give him any kind of board, on wheels, on water or fresh powder and you'll be amazed by what you see.

It has been a love story between Giufo and the XShot team for years, and there are so many reasons why we love our Italian friend , that it is hard to even start a list… His amazing sense of color and photography… his everlasting enthusiasm for any new stunt, new free ride experience… his way of pushing the limits of what you can do and shoot with an XShot and GoPro camera…. his amazing loving and fun personality… endless creativity… and his love of gadgets, accessories, cameras and multiple XShot camera extenders!

1. Why did you choose your path and how did you get started? 

"I have been passionate about snowboarding almost immediately. I had been practicing skiing and surfing for some time and so it was natural! Free ride in particular is what fascinates me the most. I enjoy the contact with nature without any constraints, such as slopes or bounded areas . I feel the same at sea, practicing Stand Up Paddle and Surf and during my adventures mountain biking."

2. How did you hear about the XShot camera extenders?

"I was looking for a good extension to start taking photos with my GoPro and I found XShot on the Internet. It was marketed by an online store in Germany and I immediately felt it was a good product."

3. What do you always carry in your camera/travel bag? 

"I always have a lot of equipment in my camera bag… sometimes I have more than just a bag! Usually I have a Canon SLR with a small zoom lens, a wide angle and a telephoto lens. Then there is a compact Nikon, always useful in many situations, and then three GoPro that are my sports cameras. I also carry many accessories for GoPro cameras, a small tripod and three XShot extensions (XShot Pros and classic)."

4. Where is your favorite location to take pictures? 

"I live on the sea front, really just a few meters from the beach in the south of Italy, in Otranto. There is a beautiful coastline, very suitable for photo shoots and a fascinating hinterland. I am also really lucky because I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the mountains, on the snow, in La Thuile, Aosta Valley."

 5. We noticed that you had been very creative with the XShot, how do you think you will use it the most?

  "Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm towards me! Now that my snow season is over and  that I'm back home by the sea, I think that I will use XShot also underwater. 

 This summer I want to experiment with the new XShot Pro and I want to use more of the many     opportunities offered by the rotating head of XShot.

 Actually, by rotating the camera about 45 degrees, you can get a great selfie without even seeing the  telescopic extension in your shot. (see picture)




6. Tell us about your new exciting trips and projects to come.

 "My plans for next season are almost all on the sea: I will explore a part of the coast almost inaccessible by means of a special inflatable SUP. There will be also a lot of trips mountain biking, to explore the historical and natural wonders in my area in Italy.

Finally, I intend to prepare to best the season on the snow next year with new solutions of shooting for new sports such as snow kiting!"


About Giufo Soulboarder

 “I was born in the heel of Italy, in 1957. I live and work in Otranto as a graphic designer and photographer but they are often outside the region to follow my new projects.

From an early age I have had many opportunities to practice adventure and formative experiences. At age 11 I explored my first cave with a speleological group, and by the time I was 18, I had my diver’s license and enjoyed paragliding. I attended the Faculty of Geology at the University of Urbino. I worked for 17 years as a professional Skipper on large sailboats, catamarans in particular. My favorite sports are surfing, SUP and, during winter, snowboarding, snowkiting and freeride in general. Photography has always been a passion of mine in both documentary and sporting and I had the honor and satisfaction of seeing many of my images chosen and published. I have a very personal idea of light. I think that the colors do not exist in reality but are only perceived by the soul. So my photography -when the work does not compel me to realism- is purely irrational and emotional.”

Find out more:


Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, with XShot and Mommy Shorts’ Selections
May 9th, 2014

Mother's day is in two days!

There are many ways to honor our moms and show them how much we care. Gifts are always a nice token , but it has to come from the heart and always needs to come with a special thought. It does not need to be big and a child's thoughtful drawing goes a long way. But it is Mom's special day and she deserves to be pampered and cherished that day. 

You only have two more days to find the perfect little something that will touch her.

Oh my, I can't just get her flowers and chocolate like last year… Help! 

No problem.

Your mom (or spouse) loves photography, iPhone and gadgets?

Search no more, we have a nice selection for you on the XShot Pinterest Gift board: jewelry, accessories,  gadgets, apparel, Lego purse, cameras, phones accessories  and a lot of fun and sweet ideas to discover HERE.

If you are looking for ideas outside the photo box, don't worry, Ilana, aka Mommy Shorts from New York, got you covered with her awesome gift selection for all moms. We love Ilana here at XShot, she is very witty and her Mother's Day Categories are quite funny.

Check out her fun themed categories and find the whole product and ideas list on the Mommy Shorts blog.

- Gifts for Moms who have trouble getting up in the morning. 

- Gifts for Moms who are heading back to the office

- Gifts for Moms who don't think jewelry should involve macaroni

 - Gifts for Moms who think nothing says "I love you" like flowers 

- Gifts for Moms who are sick of snacking on leftover cheerios

- Gifts for Moms who are never in their own pictures : the Pocket XShot guest stars to put mom in the picture 

- Gifts for Moms with a toddler who breaks everything

- Gifts for Moms who find refuge in the bathroom

- Gifts for Moms who think playmates begin with cocktails

- Gifts for Moms from their own passive aggressive mothers

What are you doing for your mom this year?

Happy Mother's Day!

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