What a fantastic CES 2015, with new XShot selfie sticks and great people
January 22nd, 2015

CES is always a very special moment in the year, and CES2015 was very exciting. Our fifth show and our best so far, thanks to all of you.

Thank you for taking a few moments during the show to stop and visit with us at XShot, and learn about our new products – we all appreciate your time and interest. 2015 is set to be the year of the selfie, and the further explosion of action cameras & mobile photography makes for a lot of excitement and photo opportunities. 

The first XShot camera extenders were launched about 8 years ago, long before the selfie craze, and we used that time to perfect the design and features of one of the first selfie sticks on the market. We are still very fond of photography and technology, and we are ready for the next generation of camera, GoPro and smartphone accessories.

Let's get you in the picture once again and capture the action as never before!

We were thrilled to have a few of our dear friends and partners with us at the show, and share their experience and love of the XShot products over the years.

Thank you to our dear paraglider friend Cormac, and selfie queen Jill for being with us in Vegas this year.

Thank you Patrick, our professional photographer, for his precious advice and demos to visitors on the XShot booth.

Thank you Rachel and Dan, our blogger Gurus and talk show hosts from Blogging Concentrated, and thank you Gregg, skateboarder and communication expert from IYM.



We will soon unveil all the new products presented at CES and give you more details but we could not resist to give you a sneak peek: 

NEW XShot Sports Waterproof camera pole: new material, new features and “travel friendly”size. 

NEW Selfie Kits with super light colored XShot selfie sticks + universal phone holder + bluetooth remote 

NEW XShot iPhone 5 and 6/6+ Cases with: a unique high-tech and simple to use case that treats the popular Smartphone like a camera with the right accessories.  

The IPhone photographer’s dream tool with its brand new XShot patented lens system and attachments for tripods, GoPro, accessories, lenses, flash and more. 

NEW XShot Bluetooth Remote controls.

NEW Travel size mini tripod


Stay tuned for more CES insight, product finds and good times!




Perfect Holiday selfie by BenSpark: December 2014 Picture of the Month
December 17th, 2014

The ultimate XShot Xmas selfie Andrew, love it!

Happy Holidays!

bensparksselfie xshot xmas 

Photo @Benspark 

Please continue to share your pictures with us : we love it and you may be selected like this one and win prizes. You can email them at , or upload them directly on our Facebook page.

Tips and Ideas for the Best Off-Season Adventures
December 16th, 2014

We all love going away for vacation. What we don’t love about it is packed beaches, large crowds, expensive lodging and pricey airfare. Traveling during the off season allows you to skip over these things and get right to the best parts of vacation: relaxation and fun.

The off season is the best time to see the world. Do your research to find the times with lower tourist rates in your dream destinations. Plan appropriately and pack accordingly. You can have the trip of your dreams with a little planning and sense of adventure.

Travel Tips

  • If your trip is to an international destination, make sure your passport is up-to-date.
  • Notify your bank that you're going on a trip. This will ensure you don't get locked out of your own funds and indicate suspicious activity if your debit card is being used elsewhere.
  • Make sure that the Off-Season at your destination is not during the monsoon or typhoon season!
  • Buy a money belt for use in pick-pocketing territory.
  • Invest in a good pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes.
  • Travel can leave you susceptible to identity theft. Look into a subscription like Lifelock, which monitors and protects your sensitive information.
  • When investigating in off -season travel, be careful not to choose destinations and travel times that coincide with school vacations, popular conventions or events.
  • Compare airfare on travel search engines to find the lowest rates.
  • Off-season travel sometimes means cooler weather. Pack accordingly. REI carries many cold weather clothing options.


Winter Wolf-Tracking in Yellowstone National Park: During the winter months, only 140,000 visitors go to Yellowstone National Park. Compared to summer rates of nearly three million visitors, the park is practically empty. This means more space for you to explore and wide open views. This is an ideal trip for nature lovers. View elk, bison and big horn sheep on the barren, snowy landscape. The snow creates the perfect backdrop to find gray wolf tracks left behind. You can get adventurous and cross country ski through the park.

San Juan Islands, Washington: If you want peace and quiet with a view of water, check out the San Juan Islands in Washington. This is the perfect destination for a wintery getaway. Take photos of the beautiful rocky bluffs, Douglas firs and wildlife. Take the ferry from Friday Harbor to Orcas Island for horseback rides, kayaking or whale watching. Venture to Lime Kiln State Park for hiking and visit the lighthouse.

Australian Outback: In mid-April, the Australian Outback is a mild temperature, an exotic wonderland to be explored. You should visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park which features Ayers Rock, a popular landmark. This trip will expose you to aboriginal culture and the sheer expanse of the land. Take camel rides or go on lead hikes through Kings Canyon. This is an ideal trip for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies who are looking for skydiving or couples looking for solitude and romance.

South African Safari: Early September is the time you want to visit South Africa. This time of year means Safari Lodges have lower prices. Check out Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve or Singita. Forbes features several top-notch lodges and safari destinations. If you want a Safari planned out for you, look into Micato Safaris to help you create the perfect itinerary. See leopards and lions out in the wild. Visit the Kalahari Desert to see incredible, red, rippled sand. South Africa is a beautiful country with a rich, and volatile, history. Security can be a problem in major cities like Johannesburg and and Cape Town. Traveling in major cities can be dangerous for pick pocketing and crime, so be cautious and travel light without showing off expensive gear and accessories. The best pictures will be with the camera or smartphone you carry that day.

Relax and enjoy your journey. It is so worth it.

Summer Travel Inspiration: Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc by Pure Adirondacks
December 9th, 2014

Are you already thinking about your next summer adventures and looking for inspiration?

Follow Evan and Hilary from Pure ADK as they embark on their adventures in the Adirondacks and beyond. Check out their journey in Europe to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc over a 10 day span between France, Italy, and Switzerland. Be inspired…

Thank you for the magnificent scenery and for taking your XShot Pro to the top of the Alps!

"Ten days, seven valleys, five cols, 2,650 meters in elevation at our highest point, 85 miles, and one grand adventure. Some blood, sweat, and tears, but mostly mud, definitely still sweat, and cheers. The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) was all of that and so much more."

Read more on PureADK and their adventure to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc: Pure ADK TMB


Video: Pure ADK YouTube

Hello GoPro, Meet iPad
December 3rd, 2014

Adrenaline junkies, photo lovers and film fanatics can pair their technology to fully enjoy the photos and videos they take while doing the activities they love. Is your GoPro filled with photos you want to share with the world? There's an app for that! To use your GoPro to its potential, you can sync it to multiple devices.

The GoPro App

The GoPro app is what every GoPro user needs. This app connects your GoPro camera to your iPad or iPhone so you can access both with ease. Share your content directly from your camera in text messages, email, on Facebook, Twitter and much more. Keep your GoPro updated with the latest software and features by syncing it with the app. You can also view all of your GoPro content on your iPhone or iPad. One of the beneficial features of downloading the app is that you can adjust your camera settings from your phone or iPad, basically acting as a remote. Using the GoPro app along with your GoPro camera is an excellent way to pair your devices and get the most out of them.

GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio Software is a great program you can download to your laptop, or iPad, to edit your GoPro videos. Add music, edit-points, slow motion effects and more to the videos you take. You can export and import content, capture stills from your videos and update your camera software with the help of this program. It is free to download and will help you get the most out of your videos. Use the ultra slow-motion effect to see your bungee jumping or skydiving trip frame by frame in high definition.

xshot suction mount for goproSync with iPhone or iPad

Downloading the GoPro App will allow you to sync your content to your iPhone or iPad without any cords or extra devices. If you have more than one camera or a non-GoPro camera, you can purchase the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader by Apple. This convenient little device allows you to insert your SD card from your camera into the Lightning reader to import all photos and videos. Once you have imported all files, they will be saved into your photo or video library, making it easy to share with your family and friends.

Whether you download the app, software or purchase the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, having an iPhone or iPad is the way to take and share videos and pictures. Once you sync all of your videos and photos to your device, back them up onto the cloud and keep your files stored. The iPad Air comes with a high-definition camera as well, to take your own great photos. Get the iPad Air through T-Mobile, so you can connect to 4G LTE, 4G connectivity, WiFi and lightning sync, all with the iOS.

Your photos and videos were meant to be seen. Use technology to the fullest to share your content with the world. Look into apps, software, and devices to edit, store and show off your content.

Get the right accessories for your GoPro to get the best angles

The essence of it all is to have a great time doing what you love, and being able to record those precious moments and adventures when you want to. Depending on what you are doing, the angle you are looking for and if you need your hands or not, there are a lot of GoPro compatible accessories out there. Beyond the common helmet gear and chest harness, XShot offers a few GoPro dedicated accessories to help you get in the action:

- Ultimate action shot in rough conditions (or not…): the XShot Pro camera extender, with a very sturdy metal 360° ball head and 2 metal adapters for extreme sports

gopro head on xshot- GoPro action directly on the telescopic pole with no extra adapter: the new XShot 2.0 for GoPro with a standard 180° head

- XShot GoPro Suction cup, compatible with GoPro and any other camera with a 1/4" tripod thread

- XShot Rotatable 360-Degree Spring Clip for GoPro Cameras:  super strong clip to fix your GoPro anywhere, on a strap, a backpack or skateboard

- XShot Aluminum Sports Ball Head for GoPro and All Other Cameras: allows you to add a second camera at the bottom of your pole for different angles, or to add a smartphone as a control screen.


 Go have fun now and share some footage with us!



Flying until sunset in Kamchet, India by Lloyd Greenfield- XShot Picture of the month, November 2014
November 29th, 2014


Congratulations Lloyd for the breathtaking sunset shot over Kamchet, India. Lloyd Greenfield spent four month traveling in India, discovering the country by all means of transportation and having the adventure of his life. Until next one…

Lloyd Greenfield xshot paragliding in india

Photo @Lloyd Greenfield

‪#‎XShot‬ Picture of the month ‪#‎paragliding‬

Shot with a GoPro Hero 2 & a Pocket XShot

XShot 20% OFF for Black Friday – Cyber Monday SALE
November 28th, 2014

#BlackFriday Looking for a new #GoPro pole or selfie stick? 


Get 20% OFF any XShot camera and phone accessories until Monday December 1st. The perfect stockings stuffer at sweet prices!

Enter code: XShotCyber at checkout at

Enter the XShot Selfie Contest with SnapYeti
November 25th, 2014

xshot selfie contestWe partnered with a new fun website to offer you a fun XShot Selfie Snapfest around Thanksgiving. SnapYeti is a fun, free place for photo and contest fans, where you can be rewarded for sharing your snaps. 

From Bradley Cooper to the Queen of England, we all take shameless and fun selfies! Now is the time to snap yours and share it. Capture the action, make us smile or wonder how you took it. You can take your self-portrait with a tripod, a camera extender- selfie stick, or your very long Yeti arm, anything goes! 

The winner will be chosen from the 10 photos with the most admires so don't forget to snap and share. Enter now, just for the fun of sharing your selfie or to get a chance to win a Pocket XShot selfie stick with a universal phone holder. Entries accepted until December 3, 2014.

Must-Have Safety Gear for your Outdoor Adventures
November 18th, 2014

Ahh the great outdoors. It calls to us. It beckons with promises of simplicity and beauty and challenges us to rediscover our roots. Venturing into the wilderness is a favorite vacation plan for many. But adventurer take heed, nature's serene beauty is often times matched by its acute danger. Traveling to the wilderness inherently implies putting oneself in a position where help may not be available should something go wrong. What follows are a few items you'll want to have in your ruck just in case your wilderness vacation should become an unexpected test of survival skills.


The oldest and most important of traveling companions, a small magnetic compass can save your life in a survival situation. First discovered in China during the Qin dynasty (221-206 B.C.), the compass has been used to guide humanity through the unknown for thousands of years. The wilderness is devoid of signs, markings, roads, and other identifiers we use in our everyday life to get from A to B. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere can be a potentially life threatening hazard. A compass can point you in the right general direction in the event that you lose your way. While it doesn't take terrain features and physical obstacles into account, it can let you know if you're generally headed in the right direction. Modern compasses are small and light, giving little reason to leave them out of any good survival pack.

xshot outdoors tipsThermal Blanket

Aside from dehydration, unquestionably the greatest threat to your life in a survival situation is over-exposure to the elements. This can be either extreme heat, sun, or cold exposure. Having a large, water resistant cover such as a large poncho or garbage bag can serve you in several ways. It can cover skin and limit excessive exposure to sunlight as well as provide warmth when the sun sets. It can even be used to build a wilderness shelter to allow you to sleep with some protection from the elements. Having a water resistant cover can be a multi-faceted tool to ensure your survival in the wild.


Eye protection can prove to be an invaluable tool. In a survival situation, glasses can help you with two vital tasks: building a fire, and potentially aid you in getting rescued. In the event that you've been lost for a significant amount of time, there may be rescue aircraft dispatched to find you. The only problem is, you might be in a wilderness comprising a huge area. Finding one individual in all that landscape can be for a rescue pilot akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Your glasses can be used to reflect the sun's rays and create a distress signal. The glint of the sun through a glass lens can usually be seen at great distances, giving your rescuers a much better chance of locating you if they happen to be flying over your area. Additionally, your glasses can be used as a survival tool. The mirrored lens can be directed (if they are convex and glass rather than plastic) to a point that can create heat and help you start a fire, which as any wilderness expert will tell you, is of paramount importance in a survival situation. Your glasses may also be used to make fishing hooks and other useful tools when disassembled. It's also a good idea to carry replacement lenses in your ruck in case the originals break (or in case you pull one out of the apparatus to make use of it in a survival context).

You know that your XShot pole can become more than a selfie stick if you are into the wild… of course you can get great self-portraits with it and get hard-to-reach angles above cliffs, but you can also dig with it or defend yourself. Just kidding but it is a very versatile tool…

As with anything, educating oneself prior to undertaking risky adventures is always best. Carrying these and a few other important items will ensure your safe return next time you go venturing into the wild.  

xshot outdoor 2 copy (Medium)

Have fun into the wild and stay safe!

XShot 2.0 for GoPro Camera Extender Pole YouTube Review by Marble Productions
November 14th, 2014

Thank you Andrew Marble for you detailed review of the new XShot 2.0 with a GoPro head.

Now the original and popular camera extender is made with a direct-to-GoPro Camera mount – no need for to fiddle around with extra adapters. 


Source MarblProductions on YouTube

The 2.0 for GoPro Cameras is perfect whether you're traveling, hiking, or using a GoPro camera to capture yourself in sports like snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding – or anything! With the ultra-long 38-inch extension you can easily capture background and scenery, and get unique angles – when finished filming the XShot collapses down to only 9 inches.

Every XShot 2.0 for GoPro Cameras features full metal shaft construction and includes a direct GoPro Camera mount (thumb screw is also included).

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