Enter the XShot Selfie Contest with SnapYeti
November 25th, 2014

xshot selfie contestWe partnered with a new fun website to offer you a fun XShot Selfie Snapfest around Thanksgiving. SnapYeti is a fun, free place for photo and contest fans, where you can be rewarded for sharing your snaps. 

From Bradley Cooper to the Queen of England, we all take shameless and fun selfies! Now is the time to snap yours and share it. Capture the action, make us smile or wonder how you took it. You can take your self-portrait with a tripod, a camera extender- selfie stick, or your very long Yeti arm, anything goes! 

The winner will be chosen from the 10 photos with the most admires so don't forget to snap and share. Enter now, just for the fun of sharing your selfie or to get a chance to win a Pocket XShot selfie stick with a universal phone holder. Entries accepted until December 3, 2014.

Must-Have Safety Gear for your Outdoor Adventures
November 18th, 2014

Ahh the great outdoors. It calls to us. It beckons with promises of simplicity and beauty and challenges us to rediscover our roots. Venturing into the wilderness is a favorite vacation plan for many. But adventurer take heed, nature's serene beauty is often times matched by its acute danger. Traveling to the wilderness inherently implies putting oneself in a position where help may not be available should something go wrong. What follows are a few items you'll want to have in your ruck just in case your wilderness vacation should become an unexpected test of survival skills.


The oldest and most important of traveling companions, a small magnetic compass can save your life in a survival situation. First discovered in China during the Qin dynasty (221-206 B.C.), the compass has been used to guide humanity through the unknown for thousands of years. The wilderness is devoid of signs, markings, roads, and other identifiers we use in our everyday life to get from A to B. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere can be a potentially life threatening hazard. A compass can point you in the right general direction in the event that you lose your way. While it doesn't take terrain features and physical obstacles into account, it can let you know if you're generally headed in the right direction. Modern compasses are small and light, giving little reason to leave them out of any good survival pack.

xshot outdoors tipsThermal Blanket

Aside from dehydration, unquestionably the greatest threat to your life in a survival situation is over-exposure to the elements. This can be either extreme heat, sun, or cold exposure. Having a large, water resistant cover such as a large poncho or garbage bag can serve you in several ways. It can cover skin and limit excessive exposure to sunlight as well as provide warmth when the sun sets. It can even be used to build a wilderness shelter to allow you to sleep with some protection from the elements. Having a water resistant cover can be a multi-faceted tool to ensure your survival in the wild.


Eye protection can prove to be an invaluable tool. In a survival situation, glasses can help you with two vital tasks: building a fire, and potentially aid you in getting rescued. In the event that you've been lost for a significant amount of time, there may be rescue aircraft dispatched to find you. The only problem is, you might be in a wilderness comprising a huge area. Finding one individual in all that landscape can be for a rescue pilot akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Your glasses can be used to reflect the sun's rays and create a distress signal. The glint of the sun through a glass lens can usually be seen at great distances, giving your rescuers a much better chance of locating you if they happen to be flying over your area. Additionally, your glasses can be used as a survival tool. The mirrored lens can be directed (if they are convex and glass rather than plastic) to a point that can create heat and help you start a fire, which as any wilderness expert will tell you, is of paramount importance in a survival situation. Your glasses may also be used to make fishing hooks and other useful tools when disassembled. It's also a good idea to carry replacement lenses in your ruck in case the originals break (or in case you pull one out of the apparatus to make use of it in a survival context).

You know that your XShot pole can become more than a selfie stick if you are into the wild… of course you can get great self-portraits with it and get hard-to-reach angles above cliffs, but you can also dig with it or defend yourself. Just kidding but it is a very versatile tool…

As with anything, educating oneself prior to undertaking risky adventures is always best. Carrying these and a few other important items will ensure your safe return next time you go venturing into the wild.  

xshot outdoor 2 copy (Medium)

Have fun into the wild and stay safe!

XShot 2.0 for GoPro Camera Extender Pole YouTube Review by Marble Productions
November 14th, 2014

Thank you Andrew Marble for you detailed review of the new XShot 2.0 with a GoPro head.

Now the original and popular camera extender is made with a direct-to-GoPro Camera mount – no need for to fiddle around with extra adapters. 


Source MarblProductions on YouTube

The 2.0 for GoPro Cameras is perfect whether you're traveling, hiking, or using a GoPro camera to capture yourself in sports like snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding – or anything! With the ultra-long 38-inch extension you can easily capture background and scenery, and get unique angles – when finished filming the XShot collapses down to only 9 inches.

Every XShot 2.0 for GoPro Cameras features full metal shaft construction and includes a direct GoPro Camera mount (thumb screw is also included).

The Pocket XShot Camera Extender makes the list in’s Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2014
November 13th, 2014

examiner logo

The Pocket XShot Camera Extender makes the list in the's 'Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2014' Christmas is around the corner and Michelle Najafi from the Examiner made quite a handy list to treat all the special ladies in our life. From beauty products to lovely wines and accessories, you'll definitely find something for "Her".

Thank you Michelle for including the Pocket XShot extender, the ultimate camera accessory for all the girls who have ever been left out of the picture because they were the one taking it. And for the selfie addicts, who wanted to take the perfect self-portrait after trying all the beauty products on the list! xshot in the examiner

Check out the whole Holiday gift list on the

October 2014 XShot Picture of the Month: Beth Whitman in the Snowman Trek
October 31st, 2014

Beth Whitman's XShot daily selfie in the Snowman Trek!

Congratulations Beth for such an achievement and completing the Snowman Trek in the Himalayas in October.

beth Snowman Trek Day 16

More to come about the adventure and daily XShot selfies. #travel #snowmantrek #Nepal #selfie Wanderlust and Lipstick

The Most Beautiful Adventure Trails across the US
October 15th, 2014

One of the great things about this country is the wide variety of landscapes and environments. Luckily, many of these places are easily reachable and make fantastic spots to go out and experience nature, whether you are a fan of hiking, biking, or riding.

We are blessed to be located in beautiful Santa Barbara in California, where adventure trails abound, but we chose to feature a wider range of trails. Feel free to ask us for local tips too!


Getting out on your own two feet can be an amazing and rewarding experience. Being able to feel the ground as you hike, taking time to experience all that is around you at your own pace and getting your heart rate pumping are all just a few of the benefits of taking a hike. Whatever your skill level, make sure that you are adequately prepared and have the knowledge to make sure you stay safe while having fun. Here are just a few of the amazing places you can visit on your adventure.

Kalalau Trail: This pristine 11-mile trail on the slopes of the island of Kauai offers the only route into or out of this majestic area of the Hawaiian Islands. The trail winds over five valleys, through rivers and jungle brush before ending at a secluded beach.

The Narrows: A popular destination in the heart of Zion National Park, Utah, this mountain path has you wading directly through the Virgin River where canyon walls reach over one thousand feet high and at some points are only 20 to 30-feet wide.

Appalachian Trail: This almost 2200 mile long continuously marked footpath ranges from Georgia to Maine and is made up of dozens of smaller hikes that take you through all kinds of vegetation and terrain. This adventure is suitable for hikers and backpackers of any skill level.


A two-wheeled adventure with your legs as the engine can often be just as exciting if not more and is an even better source of exercise than traveling on foot or by vehicle. But once again, make sure that you take the necessary precautions when riding on trails, have all the knowledge and the gear you might need to stay safe when traversing the sometimes difficult terrain.

Crested Butte, Colorado: Considered one of the official birthplaces of the sport of mountain biking, this region features several hundred miles of biking trails that highlight the beautiful landscape that Colorado is famous for.

Sedona, Arizona: This unique and world famous location boasts some of the most amazing scenery in all of the country. With the majestic red rock towers and dozens of trails that begin from the center of the small town, it is a favorite of bike enthusiasts everywhere.

ATV Riding & Motorcycling

Letting a motor do the work for you can free you up to focus on your surroundings and the beautiful environment around you. As with any motor vehicle, be sure to have adequate knowledge of the machine you are operating, as well as complete and comprehensive safety gear for you and your passengers, including body protection and secure helmets.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails: With over 700 miles of trails located in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, this area boasts the largest off-highway trail system in the country and offers a variety of scenic spots for riders of all skill levels.

Oceano Dunes: Also known as Pismo Beach, these sand dunes are fun for adventurers of all ages and difficulty levels. The dunes run all the way to the ocean’s edge and are located only a couple of hours from Los Angeles, California.

XShot September 2014 Picture of the month: Safari Selfie with Elephants by David Hoffmann
September 30th, 2014

Great adventures in South Africa by David Hoffman of David's Been Here.

XShot Elephant selfie at Klaserie Wildlife Reserve.

xshot safari selfie

Photo @David Hoffmann

Please continue to share your pictures with us : we love it and you may be selected like this one and win prizes. You can email them at , or upload them directly on our Facebook page. 

Wearable Technology Changes Everything, Even the Way You Swing a Bat
August 29th, 2014

Want to find out how to lob the ball better when you play tennis? Document the biggest fish you ever caught? Improve your batting average? You can do every one of those things. All you have to do is wear a little technology.

Ultimate health-tracking

Apple is pulling out all the stops to release the most tech-savvy smartwatch in the world this fall. Among the iWatch features are a pedometer with step detection technology, advanced mapping technologies and, as incredible as it sounds, a feature that aims to predict a heart attack before it happens, reports Know Your Mobile.

To give it a final run before release, Apple has employed professional players (such as Kobe Bryant) from sports leagues (NBA, NHL, and the MBA) to test the device’s capabilities in fitness environments, reports Mac Rumors.

Fix Your Swing

Want to impress everybody with your home run average? Put this sensor on your bat. Zepp Labs has come out with a baseball swing sensor that will analyze your swing. It attaches to your bat and weighs less than 20 grams. A 3D swing analyzer is built in that will let you watch your stance to get a better idea of what’s going on with your swing; this will be among all the information that is collected in an app for personal viewing.

Smash Your Serves

Smash is a new wristband that uses motion sensors to track your swing so you can hit the ball better. The wristband sensors measure the spin of the ball to your favorite types of shots. It then analyzes your skill level and sends all the info back to your Android device. It takes hundreds of measurements every second so that you can play like a pro. No release date has been announced as of yet.

Document It

Outdoor enthusiasts can really benefit from Google Glass. If you hunt game, film it and analyze the footage to determine if you might need a little more hunter training. Wish you could have a picture of that big fish that you caught? Look at it and blink your eye. Give it a command when you’re out bicycling: “Glass, start a ride” and it starts tracking your bike ride.

Got a GoPro? Use the XShot to give a different angle when snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking and more.

Better Strokes

Game Golf is a sensor device that clips onto the belt and interacts with little red tags that are attached to the end of the grip for every golf club in your bag. When you’re ready, you touch a red tag to the sensor on the belt and swing. It’s designed to record the distance and direction the ball flies and tracks your performance the entire game.

Information that’s obtained is sent to Game Golf’s website; you can get it when you log in to your Game Golf account. You can share your information with the Game Gold community through the website if you wish.

Wearable technology has come a long way in the past few years. There’s a lot more of it to come; bigger and better is a general technology motto, and it’s no different if you have to wear it.

Swimming with Turtles in Kauai : XShot August 2014 Picture of the month
August 27th, 2014

What a beautiful shot taken at Tunnels Beach in gorgeous Kauai island! Swimming with turtles…It can't get better than that.

Shot taken with a Pocket XShot camera extender and a GoPro hero 3.

Please continue to share your pictures with us : we love it and you may be selected like this one and win prizes. You can email them at , or upload them directly on our Facebook page.

New XShot Pro Camera Extender Video Review by MarblProductions
August 8th, 2014

Thank you Andrew from MarblProductions for the detailed video review of the XShot Pro camera pole for GoPro Cameras, compact cameras and smartphones. Check it out:


Video MarbleProductions on YouTube

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