XShot PRO for GoPro and action cameras

xshot pro two heads

New XShot Pro camera extender made for tough and action shots. Comes with two heads to fit any GoPro and compact digital cameras. Get in the action!

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XShot Pro Collapsed Bent-2 xshot pro for gopro cameras xshot pro snowboarder and gopro XShot pro teasing xshot pro two heads xshot pro with gopro hero extended

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XShot Picture of the Month

Every month we choose our favorite fan photo. Hard choice! Here are past winners. Feel free to send us your pictures, we'd love to see them... email ...

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XShot snow

Shredding some awesome powder and taking a self video with your GoPro and XShot telescopic arm? Taking a group picture on the ski lift? Dog slegging ...

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XShot Paragliding Self-Photography

XShot is in the air all over the world, flying over mountains, oceans and gorgeous places in the hands of bold paragliders. Our friend Cormac was one ...

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XShot surf, bodyboard, sandboard, diving photos

Amazing photos and self videos of XShot fans and friends: -Sand boarding -Surfing -Paddle boarding -Diving -Swimming and more ...

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XShot Running, Hiking, Cycling and Rock Climbing self-portraits

Climbing or hiking? You deserve to get in the picture on top of the mountain :) Extend, aim and smile. ...

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XShot Travel

You've traveled the world, seen the sights, met interesting people and you have the pictures to prove it. Unfortunately, your grotesquely distorted ar ...

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XShot Party

Have fun and make sure you save some of those memories :) ...

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XShot Kayak Photos

Fan pictures taken using the XShot Kayak Mount . Free your hands on the water :) ...

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XShot Camera Extenders

You deserve to be in the picture too! The XShot camera extender includes you in the pictures that you take! No more awkward photos from doing the sing ...

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XShot iPhone Tripod Case

Easily attach your iPhone 4/4s to ANY tripod! •Protection : Hard Case with full enclosure •Innovation : Features a universal tripod adapter tha ...

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XShot Kayak Mount

With the XShot Kayak Mount, you can get yourself in the picture with the prize that you caught! The XShot Kayak mount is perfect for Kayak fisherman. ...

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XShot Concert and celebrity pictures

Pictures taken at concerts or events with the XShot camera extender: get above the crowd and angle it the way you want... ...

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XShot @ ASVT April 2009 Santa Barbara

Alpha Tau Omega of UCSB organized the 6th annual All Sorority Volleyball Tournament held at beautiful East Beach in downtown Santa Barbara. The entir ...

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XShot @ UCSB Gaucho Gallop and Gaucho Festival 2009

More than 2,400 people attended the All Gaucho Reunion events the weekend of April 24 to 26 at UC Santa Barbara. The XShot Street team had a great ti ...

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