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May 2014

Best selfies are made with the . I'll be testing it at high altitude on the trek in September


November 2103

The XShot makes filming so much more EASY to film with just one hand rather than having to hold my camera with 2 hands and … it also acts i bit like a stedicam to get much smoother video when walking…………… I LOVE my XShot …………. it is the best thing ever for a camera ..


October 2013

I have to say I really love the XShot. I recommend it to people all the time. I think it's the best tool available to come up with interesting compositions when the GoPro is involved. I always get something unique when I bring it out.


August 2013

It is so convenient to take photos by myself.


June 2013

Great product. Used it for a kite festival in France in 2012. Prior to the XShot, others complained that I did not have any pictures of me, well the XShot changed that. And the customer service I received from April was great. Can not wait for the Pro version.


June 2013

Love our Pocket X-Shot! People stare in amazement when we use it.


May 2013

The XShot 2.0 Camera Extender is the coolest tripod thingy I have.


May 2013

Just uploaded a video on backpacking Thailand for 2 weeks, all shot with a GoPro.

Couldn't have done it without the XShot 2.0! Great product!


THAI-LAND from Scott McFarlane on Vimeo.


May 2013

XShot gives  me the opportunity to take full advantage of my iPhone as a camera and video camera for all my business and personal needs.  I use it every day from taking photos of clients posture, recording videos of myself or staff for YouTube, Facebook, and my blog to Facetime with my wife and kids when I am on a business trip.  Thank you XShot! 

Isaac Osborne President Motion Unlimited


April 2013

I have had my GoPro about 2 months before leaving on an amazing trip to the British Virgin Island. I knew that the GoPro was useful but I never saw it's true potential until I paired it up with this amazing little extender.

My favorite way to utilize this accessory with my GoPro is to put the GoPro on time lapse mode and take a picture every 2-5 seconds. I was able to get some pictures that never would have been possible with a traditional camera or tripod. I am finally done asking people to take pictures of us. Now I can use the X-Shot and just take a picture of my wife and I with no needed help.


March 2013

Customer service from Ms. April was terrific. She went above and beyond to assure that my camera extender will arrive before our vacation departure. Great representative of your company. Thank you and look forward to utilizing your product. 


February 2013.

"My wife and I really enjoy traveling everywhere with the XShot 2.0 camera extender and we find it so convenient  to take pictures of ourselves anytime, anywhere without having to ask for assistance."


January 2013

Hello makers of the most amazing product in the world! Our names are Leanne and Josh B. We quit our successful sales careers back in March to travel around the world. We haven't looked back since!

Our most vital item on our packing list is the XShot. We have brought ours around the world and it has allowed us to capture some unbelievable photographs. We want to thank you for making such a quality product.


December 2012

I loved using the collapsible/extendable XShot 2.0 camera extender with the GoPro 2 camera while diving, it brought me closer into the reefs and sealife while keeping me still at a distance, like having longer arms! Very useful piece of equipment that attaches to any camera with a standard screw set. Also the XShot 2.0 with the GoPro 2 camera has negative buoyancy which is good because it hangs below you versus the normal cameras when attached to a D ring is constantly trying to float to the top and gets wrapped around your head! — with GoPro and XShot.


November 2012

We go on cruises and I saw one XShot being used by one of the passengers during a boat ride on the Thames River in London just before the Olympics earlier this year, but forgot to ask the guy…and I've always wondered where he got it.

It just so happened that I was reading the Sunday Honolulu Star Advertiser last week and lo & behold there was a short article about it in one of the Sections. It was a "Godsend" – I take lots of pictures when we travel, but end up taking pictures of things and other people most of the time without me in the photo. 


November 2012

I am a passionate traveler and photographer, keen to scare myself along the way, with XShot I get to share the view! The XShot is an important bit of kit to capture our travels.


October 2012

I love the XShot!! Just came back from vacation where I actually got photos of me and my boyfriend…together, and they came out GREAT! It was nice to see there were no trees or poles growing out of out of our heads as I'm a stickler when it comes to composition!

My only regret is that I didn't purchase the longer version, we would have been able to get more of the background, but I'm still happy with the results.

Funny thing is each time I used it, a stranger would inevitably ask if they could take our picture!!! Go figure!


September 2012

Have gotten very good results with the XShot 2.0, and it is an instant conversation starter. Attached is a picture I took in San Francisco last year.  When you hand your camera to a stranger, you get strange pictures that lack composition.  One shot, and I had the exact picture I wanted. The XShot is always in my camera bag.


July 2012

The XShot camera extender is a great companion to my GoPro and takes awesome shots from my GoPro to the next level!


July 2012

Awesome telescopic cane! Picture taken from the sky, very close to the clouds.


June 2012


Just loved using the XShot so much that I even used it to go fishing in the Peruvian Amazon for Piranha. 

Here's Luke from Tasmania, Australia using my XShot for a fishing pole.



June 2012

The XShot was a big hit on my trip. Everyone wants one now :)



June 2012

This is the best monopod for small cameras ever made! I love that it fits in my pocket. Thanks!


May 2012

When you create an insanely great product like xshot, you can't help but give it mad love! :-)


May 2012

I don't think I have told you lately, I LOVE MY XSHOT!! Thanks for creating this awesome contraption!!



April 2012

I got the XShot just over a year ago because I wanted something to mount my GoPro on to shoot some skiing videos. It turns out that I use it for a lot more than that. Every trip Hilary, my fiancée, and I go on, the XShot comes with us.



April 2012

XShot allows me to give the viewer the perspective I can't give by holding my camera out at arm's length. I take mine with me for every flight!


March 2012

Thank you for your awesome product!!! I might have to pick up an iPhone case now too… I LOVE MY XSHOT!


March 2012

The reason I bought an xshot years ago was because I saw friends on their Honeymoon and they were always alone in their photos. Well, I'm on my Honeymoon right now and I'm happy to say we have tons of photos together! :)


I recently went on a solo trip to Taiwan and this device helps me a lot. Thank you so much for inventing xshot =)


Oct. 2010 This is a must-have travel gadget for all traveling fashionistas. Simple to use, lightweight, and takes up little to no space in your luggage.  Finally you too can be in all of your photos while traveling! Love, K.


I bought this for my husband for father's day this year. I was tired of having vacation pictures with only one of us in the shot. We just got back from a vacation in Arizona and we absolutely loved having this!! And People would see us using this product and were amazed!!! I bet we gave out your website no less than 2 dozen times. Thank you for giving us a product that puts BOTH of us in the pictures!!!!

Loved it – the X-Shot totally rocks! Thanks so much!


Have you ever been in a situation where you and a friend wanted to take a picture, but couldn’t both be in it because someone had to hold the camera? Well with XShot’s neat invention, you can be in the picture! This small, hand held, camera tripod is perfect for any occasion and you can take it with you almost anywhere! There are 3 different XShot products. The XShot 2.0 which Extends to 37” for only $29.95 . And the XShot for iPhone works for both 3G & 3GS for $29.95. And the Pocket xShot Extends to 30.5” for only $24.95 All Of The Products Are Great for Traveling, Family Photos, Honeymoons, Concerts, Camping ect. I Highly Recommend XShot To Anyone Who Wants To Be In The Picture! I Want To Thank XShot For Sending Me Out A Free Sample To Review! I Was Not Payed To Say This This Is My Own Opinion. -Trevor Livingston


Only word to describe this: obsessed. I’ve always hated asking strangers to take pictures of myself when solo, or when with friends. I recommend it to everyone I meet!


Feb. 2010. Not only is my XShot Camera Extender is a useful tool that I carry in my purse everywhere I go, but it was also a great conversation starter at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!


Best gadget ever. So much fun for everyone.


Dec. 2009. Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you are a myspacer or a vlogger this is a great product to get those cliche self portraits looking much more professional and videos a lot more clean and well produced so people take you more seriously. Read more:


I absolutely love using my XShot. I have it permanently packed in my suitcase.


I was fortunate enough to be sent an XShot 2.0 to review for my online radio show after learning about it at a blogging conference. It is honestly one of the best camera accessories I’ve ever tried and I’m enjoying being able to take pictures without having to worry about my arm being in the shot, or finding someone to take a pic for me. I also love that now my husband can be in the picture with the whole family, instead of behind the camera! My teenage daughter now wants one so she can use it for her pics. Thanks to XShot for a useful and fun to use product! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


Oct. 09.  The XShot is one of the coolest accessories to come around in a long long time.


I’m never with people at the right time. And I rarely appear in photos. Yet, when I am having a good hair day AND I’m dressed nice — I better grab the opportunity while I can. So, Xshot comes through for me. Great product! You can’t tell I took the pics


June 2009 – Best product ever. Now you can both be in the picture, without being awkwardly close-up, or having to crop your arm out later, or having to ask random people to take a photo for you.




06/03/09 I took mine to the No Doubt concert over the weekend and got some good pics of us. I even attached my video cam and held it up and got footage without everyone’s heads in the way :)


This is a great! My arms are too short for a normal picture, it would be wonderful to actually be included in the picture instead of just taking it.


As a kayak angler there is no better option for self-photography than the XShot. Easy to deploy, snap a pic, and release your fish quickly and effortlessly. XShot – the official camera accessory of kayak fishing!


This has got to be one of the best things ever invented. It is so cool to be able to be on a family trip and have photos of our WHOLE family without someone missing to take the picture. It works so well and is so easy to use. And it is so small and easily carried. I recommend this to everyone I meet (and it is easy to pass on some recommendations while out taking pics as people are curious as to what it is).


We used our xshot all day yesterday and let me say — that thing gets noticed! And it should as it’s one of the greatest things ever! I LOVE my xshot times 300,000,283. :)


I travel around the world as a solo traveler, and it was always hard for me to get a picture of myself in front of famous landmarks. Now with the Xshot it is easy. No more having to stop strangers and ask them to take my picture. Thank you Xshot!


i was an original user of the quikpod and made the switch when the xshot was released because i liked the additional length. i’ve been a fan since day 1. i keep it in my purse (along with my p&s) at all times, and have used it hundreds of times all over the world. people always stop ask me where i got it, and i’ve probably been indirectly responsible for selling hundreds of these things! Though my original xshot still works fine, i’m excited to try the new variable length positioning feature – the only thing previously keeping it from perfection!


@xshot camera on a stick. The most awesome tool for photo and video blogging ever


Love, love, LOVE my XShot! I love taking pictures, but I’ve never taken very many because of how annoying it is to get strangers to take your picture. Since I’ve gotten my XShot, I’ve taken more pictures in two weeks than I have in months, and I’m in all of them! I’ve also used the XShot to shoot videos. It works like a charm, and is a must have accessory. Love my XShot. Thanks for the awesome product. Have a great one, — Jeremy Blu Frog Energy – Wildly Healthy Energy! Blu Frog – Twitter – Geeky –


I’m absolutely in love with the xshot!


WE found out about xshot through an article in our local paper’s travel section We purchased one and have had a hoot with it , everyone who sees it thinks it’s great we just took a cruise and will send more pictures.


I love my X Shot! I take it everywhere with me and I mean everywhere! I’ve made so many friends through the X Shot. Random people always come up to me asking what it is. A must have for any photo taking addicts! You will not be disappointed! I LOVE IT!


We could not imagine traveling without our XShot. We’ve collected so many photos of ourselves in so many places that we would otherwise never have. With friends, we can all be in the picture. At concerts, golf events and practical jokes too, you can position the camera for a clear, unobstructed view. The only disadvantage is the attention it draws because everyone wants to know where they can get one


The XShot 2.0 is one of my favorite devices that I keep in my camera bag. I have taken it with me on many trips and it allows me to photograph or film myself anywhere.


The XShot 2.0 is amazing. It has been well designed and can support most P&S digital cameras. I feel strongly that it is an essential accessory for a digital camera user and I have taken some good photos of me without having to ask someone to assist. I am buying an additional four XShot 2.0 devices as presents for my family and a friend. A great photo aid.


The re-designed Xshot is a great accessory for a small digital camera user of any age especially if you are not too tall.  I have taken pictures through the sun roof of my car in strong winds and while moving, but not driving, with great success.  In a crowd, no worries, set the timer about 5 seconds, raise the Xshot and lower it to view! Also, one gets a very different perspective in the shots taken. Need to be seen to be believed.
Much of the time, I have to hand it over to my family because everyone wants to get their hands on it and use it once they see it. Great fun.


It’s very cool and I will be adding this to the travel kit for our trip to Spain. It will certainly be a bonus to be able to get those adorable couple shots in front of all those scenic landmarks.


What a great idea! Basically it’s a mono-pod that allows you to hold your compact camera up to 37 inches away from you. It’s light weight and when retracted will fit in your pocket, making it super easy to carry around.

We could not imagine traveling without our XShot. We’ve collected so many photos of ourselves in so many places that we would otherwise never have.
With friends, we can all be in the picture. At concerts, golf events and practical jokes too, you can position the camera for a clear, unobstructed view.
The only disadvantage is the attention it draws because everyone wants to know where they can get one.
Samantha and Steve Oct 2008


Not only is this a brilliantly simple idea, but the product itself is made in high quality components. I received min quickly, and it’s worth every penny of the price. Great job!!