Video tips and tricks… How to: GoPro Camera and XShot Monopod.

Nothing explains better than a video and Butch is a video expert and enthusiast.
Thanks Butch for this great explanation on how you use your XShot and other monopods with all type of cameras, from the GoPro to the Sony Nex-5.


More about Butch

Butch is an artist, writer,  photographer and social activist who lives in Vancouver, Canada. 
Butch is also a great XShot fan and friend and we found out about him via his awesome You tube channels, covering many subjects in Vancouver from Flash Mobs, concerts, Zombie walks, Critical Mass or Gay Prides among others.


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7 Responses to Video tips and tricks… How to: GoPro Camera and XShot Monopod.

  1. Stavanger says:

    Just wanna say thank you for the information that you have been shared on your site. well it is more !

  2. Pascal says:

    Terrible çà petit demo, je viens d’acheter ma caméra sur le site es que quelqu’un a déjà commandé chez eux ils ont l’air d’être de bon conseils au téléphone en tous cas.

    Merci pour la vidéo…


  3. XShot Blog says:

    je ne connais pas ce site. Vous avez recu la camera?

  4. martins says:

    Moi j’ai acheté sur ce site il y a 6 mois, aucun souis, ils m’ont toujours bien conseillé, j’ai bien recu la camera rapidement. J’ai recu une newsletter, l’interface du site a changé et je le trouve vraiment bien. Site à recommander.

  5. XShot Blog says:


  6. GoPro Tips says:

    XShot looks like a super cool product. Having a monopod will help stabilize the video no doubt about it. I think I'll write a post on my blog about the XShot. Great video brother.

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