XShot featured in Huffington Post video:”What people were packing at BlogWorld Expo 09″

Last week, Jennifer Kushnell ventured to the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas for The Huffington Post to get a sense of the state of the blogosphere and she interviewed some of the “weblebrities” to  see what they couldn’t travel without…

“I quickly found myself yearning to rip out my own Flip Video camera.
Between the fabulous personalities, quirky characters and dazzling
gadgets being pulled out of backpacks, purses and pockets everywhere,
one question kept me endlessly curious:

What were the biggest bloggers and social media personalities packing?”

Click here to find out more!


“There were a slew of fun little gadgets and gizmos. But some of the
most memorable for me wouldn’t have been quite as special without their
owners and operators — like dear Warren Whitlock (creator of the Twitter Handbook) who managed to take a hell of a golf
swing with a long steel extender rod attached to a friend’s mini video
Jennifer said.

Thanks Warren for your awesome XShot demo, showing how to photograph yourself and how to perfectly swing with the camera extender!

Read the whole article and see what Chris Brogan, Richard Jalichandra, Don lemon and the others can’t live without…


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