XShot iPhone Tripod Case Tested at 100 mph at Thunderhill

WOW, do NOT test this at home guys, but this is awesome!

Francisco Espana tested the XShot iPhone case on his motorcycle at over 100 mph at Thunderhill lap. He shot his video with an iPhone 4, Harry's Lap Timer App, a MotoD Racing mount and our XShot iPhone case with a tripod adapter. The app looks really cool and allows you to follow the design of the lap on the image, like in a video game.

The video is really gnarly but as Francisco says , it may induce motion sickness :-)


Source : Francisco Espana on YouTube

Francisco reported some vibrations which is quite understandable at that speed. We may have to design a heavy duty XTreme iPhone case for you…

Stay safe guys!


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2 Responses to XShot iPhone Tripod Case Tested at 100 mph at Thunderhill

  1. Sophie says:

    This is good for all the high tech car drivers and the road liners who are rough on the driving. Thumbs up. Keep sharing :)
    Good post.

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