If you like travel and you like tech, 2015 may just be your favorite year yet.

This is the year you can heed your wanderlust without losing your connection to home and the year you can block out the noise without blocking the world. Document your travel with great photos, power up when you’re in the great outdoors. Lots of products are out there for the adventurous traveler, but here are a few tech tools that truly stand out.

Iradium GO

If you like to take the road less traveled, you know the frustrations of being out of range for voice and data. But you can put those days behind you with Iradium GO! (It’s so awesome that exclamation point is just part of the name.) You can be anywhere in the world and the device will give your smartphone or tablet access to voice and data — with no roaming charge. How does it work? It converts a satellite signal into Wi-Fi. Imagine trekking off the grid in Nepal and still being able to call home. Or sailing the deep blue sea and checking your email. Yes, it’s no cheerfully cheap tech, having service anywhere in the world may be worth it. This device is an investment that delivers in the quest for the true freedom to roam.

hush earplugHush

Two words you probably never imagined together: smart earplugs. Hush is designed to screen out the noise that often disturbs your sleep in new places, while letting the important audio alerts through. Good sleep while traveling is important, but noise of a new city will keep you awake. With these, even your travel partner’s snores can be screened out, while you can set it to alert you when important calls come in. This new product had an insanely successful Kickstarter. You can sign up to be notified when it starts taking new orders.

The Compute Stick: A Four Inch Computer

No need to bring your laptop on your trip thanks to Intel and the new Compute Stick coming out in March. You just need a screen to connect to, and maybe a wireless keyboard if you ant to get fancy. The stick is just four inches long and plugs into an HDMI monitor or TV. It has Bluetooth, a USB port and runs Windows 8.1, and is perfect when your smartphone is not enough and need a real computer for (light) work. Pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and ready to go.

Apple Watch

Everyone’s got eyes on the Apple Watch. Previous smartwatches haven’t exactly set the world on fire, but the buzz around the Apple Watch is promising. The company has a history of innovations that succeed where others fail. This device will keep you connected to your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket — good news for travelers with their hands full. You’ll be able to make hotel reservations and check flight times.

Wanderlust travel photography with xshot in BhutanXShot

Our XShot series of GoPro camera extenders and selfie sticks are essential for any traveler who wants to get serious about selfies while having a blast. If you are the kind of traveler who loves to share images of the journey, this nifty device will give you more options for getting that perfect shot. It comes in several versions, including a pocket version ideal for travelers.

Jumpr Slate 5K

Last but not least: Power. Jumpr Slate 5K is thin and comes with binder holes, ready to slip into a folder or notebook. And here’s the amazing piece for those off-the-road hikers: it’s solar powered. LED lights signal when it’s fully charged. At less than half a pound, it’s easily portable and convenient. Designed to recharge a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets to cameras. One caveat is it’s not waterproof. But for those who love being in the outdoors, this will mean you don’t have to bring along disposable batteries or worry about running out of power.

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