XShot makes innovative and travel ready products for modern photographers.

So many of today's photos are more spur of the moment. We make (and share) our photos and lives using ever evolving tools – iPhones, Android phones, GoPro / action cameras, and of course the latest generation of point & shoot cameras. The ability to simply capture the moment as it happens is key, and that is why XShot exists.

The idea for the XShot came while in front of the famous Louvre Museum in Paris, trying to capture the entire scene, but unfortunately an arm only goes so far. The result was a photo that was a little too close, a little askew, and just like many other vacation photos that we preface with "you had to have been there." Fortunately for everyone else, that photo also grew into the XShot – the first camera extender (selfie stick) sold in 2007.

What began as a simple quest to get better vacation photos quickly transformed far beyond our original ideas thanks to the thousands of XShot fans and users online.


The quality of mobile phone cameras improved dramatically since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, and phones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy 6 push the limits even further. The XShot has transformed into a tool that's used for the real-time sharing of videos and photos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so many more.

The rise of the ubiquitous GoPro and action sport cameras pushed us even further, and we're thrilled to be working with athletes who are soaring above while paragliding, or exploring deep in the oceans of the world as we continue to work on new products. We're among the first to develop accessories specifically for all types of action cameras on the market.

We'll keep making gear that's solid, smart and is something that we all want to use ourselves. We're sure that you'll like using it, too – and we can't wait to see the photos!

XShot is based out of Santa Barbara, California. We have team members here along the California coast and as far as Paris, France – along with a few others roaming the globe.

Don't hesitate to drop us an email at xshot@xshot.com .