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Pocket XShot camera extenderNow You Can Photograph Yourself Anywhere!
Taking photos and preserving wonderful memories are half the fun of a great trip. But if you’re the one who’s always behind the camera, you rarely get to be in the picture! We recently discovered a product that makes that a problem of the past: the XShot Camera Extender.

With the XShot Camera Extender, you can photograph yourself anywhere. You can get picture-perfect photos for Facebook! If you are hiking to the top of Mt. Everest or anywhere else in the world by yourself and you want to take a stunning picture showing you are there, you can do it with the XShot camera extender!
Also, you will never have to ask a stranger to take a photo when traveling again.” Source Best Rated Reviews

We put the XShot Camera Extender to the test. It worked great for traveling, hiking, camping, and family photos. You just have to make sure you point the camera in the right direction. XShot staff give this wise advice: “Make sure the lens is pointing at you and you’ll be in the picture.” In short, if you can see the lens, it can see you!”

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