We all have that someone who is difficult to buy holiday gifts for. Whether it seems like they already have everything or they are not materialistic, finding the perfect gift takes a little more time and effort than picking up a Tonka truck for little Timmy. Especially if you have a loved one who spends most of their free time outdoors, it may feel like buying the perfect gift is an impossible task.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Consider one of these gifts to please the nature loving soul in your life this holiday season.

Provide Inspiration

To show that you are supportive of your nature lover’s interest, encourage them to plan their next adventure with inspirational material. Give your loved one a subscription to traveling and outdoor magazines to remind them of your support throughout the year. Purchase a subscription to Backpacker Magazine, National Geographic or an outdoors catalog like REI. If they have a particular interest, such as fly fishing, birding or skiing, look into purchasing a magazine or online subscription that matches their interest. Those monthly reminders to get outdoors and explore will stoke the fire of your favorite adventurer, even in the cold months of winter.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If they’re stuck inside during the cold months, your nature lover is impatiently waiting for the weather to break so they can continue exploring outdoors. To help them get through this time, bring the outdoors inside. Give the gift of flowers or a house plant to bring them a piece of nature that they can gaze at and daydream about. Choose a bouquet or plant that reminds them of a certain place or an experience you had together to add more value to the gift.

Instead of a card, collect photos they have taken from the past year and place them into the flower arrangement. This lets you highlight all of the great adventures they have gone on. If you can, include photos of both of you to show off the memories you have created together in the past year.

dome-gloryLook for a New World

For those water lovers on your list, give the gift of underwater sight. At XShot, we took our product up a notch with the new Dome Port underwater lens that allows you to take better pictures underwater with your GoPro. With this tool your ocean lovers can share their deep sea adventures with you or snap shots of their award-winning bass moments before they pluck it from the water.

xshot dome port underwater starfish

If your loved one has their eyes turned toward the sky, a mini telescope is a thoughtful gift to open up the views. Celestron makes a mini telescope that is perfect for the avid backpacker. They can look at the stars, the next mountain they want to climb or even Bigfoot between the trees.

Get Moving

There are always new sports and adventures awaiting. Give your loved one a reason to try out a new activity, whether it’s ice climbing, rock climbing or whitewater rafting. Purchase a lesson for them at the nearest facility that is coupled with a day out in the field.

Many state and national parks offer lessons at lower costs than retail outfitters. For example, check out the ice climbing classes at Rocky Mountain National Park that come with equipment rental, lunch and a full day on the ice. With this gift you’re giving them an experience they will never forget (and possibly a new skill).

Or simply join us in Santa Barbara and come fly with Cormac, one of the best and friendliest paraglider in town.

Happy holidays , don’t stress out about the gift ideas and get outdoors!

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