Thank you Brian Tong and the camera crew from CNET for the hilarious time we had with you at the XShot CES booth.

Brian roamed the CES floors to check out the best Apple gear to showcase on Apple Byte. Thank you for the XShot love guys, and for featuring us in your hot Apple Gear selection.

For the very young or very sensitive readers, this is a wild segment… Just saying… The spanking scene with an XShot camera extender may become a CES classic, right after Brian takes a self-portrait with the XShot iPhone 4S tripod case and the XShot camera on a stick 🙂

Follow CNET floor expert Brian Tong who is as good and funny as ever and and check out all the CES goodies he selected. Stay tuned for his reviews of iBod and iShower… Only in Vegas right?



Source: CNET TV


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