SANTA BARBARA, CA – The affordability and convenience of digital cameras has made it easier than ever to take top quality vacation photos. However, travelers still face the age-old problem of trying to take a photo or shoot a video while including themselves in the shot. For travelers wondering how to take better vacation photos this summer, CNN’s Tech Enthusiast Chris Pirillo recommends the XShot as an essential travel accessory. The XShot is a telescopic camera extender that attaches to any compact digital camera or hand-held video camera so that the photographer or videographer behind the lens can be part of the memories they capture. The cleverly designed digital camera accessory makes it possible for travelers to photograph themselves anywhere.

“This is something you’re going to want to take with you on your travels because inevitably you’re going to need it,” Pirillo said. With the lightweight digital camera accessory, travelers no longer have to ask strangers to take their pictures or struggle with their arms awkwardly extended to capture themselves in a photograph. And unlike a bulky tripod that can be cumbersome when traveling, the XShot collapses to 9 inches to pack easily into your bag or suitcase. According to Pirillo, the XShot simply mounts to your camera, where you can adjust its angle and hold it at the perfect position to ensure a good shot. Additionally, the XShot effortlessly extends to more than 3 feet of reach, which is enough extension to include as many as 5 people in the shot. “People have photographed themselves around the world with the XShot and submitted some amazing pictures to our website,” said Michael Daoud, co-founder of XShot, LLC. “Whether you are traveling to the ends of the earth this summer or enjoying a much-needed stay-cation, the photos you take will end up being your best travel souvenirs.”


About the XShot

The XShot 2.0 is a telescopic camera extender that attaches to any compact digital camera or hand-held video camera (including the Flip) so that the photographer can be part of picture too. Everyday photographers no longer have to try and stretch their arms as far as possible to get a picture, let alone capture the background. The XShot 2.0 extends over 3 feet so you can be in the picture and closes to 9 inches to fit easily in a pocket or purse. The digital camera accessory has become popular with travelers, social media users, honeymooners, outdoor lovers, families, and digital scrapbook fans. The XShot is affordable at $29.95 and is available online at

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