Don’t want to wait in line on Black Friday? Dont have the patience to wait for Cyber Monday? Don’t worry, we are here with a great deal you can redeem now!

Save $5 Enter code Thanks2011 at checkout and save $5 on an XShot iPhone 4/4S Case.

We are also adding a FREE lanyard with your iPhone 4/4S Case purchase! Now you can carry around your iPhone just like a real point and shoot!

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*valid until 11/28/2011

Treat your iPhone like a camera with the right accessories!


The XShot iPhone 4/4S case has it all : protection with a full enclosure hard Case and innovation with a universal tripod adapter. The XShot iPhone case features a detachable tripod adapter that can be used in landscape or portrait modes on any tripod, camera extender, or monopod to take pictures, videos, and self-portraits. Perfect to record and view great content.

For the Holiday season, XShot will definitely treat the iPhone 4S like a real camera and add a free custom XShot lanyard to attach to the XShot tripod case and secure the phone like any other camera.


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