Meet David Hoffmann, one of our favorite independent travel blogger and videographer! David has been thoroughly exploring one country at a time in order to share what every country has to offer through videos, guides, articles and photos and sharing it on David’s been here. He has been to 59 countries and 916 cities and counting…

It has been a pleasure getting to know him better and we can’t wait to discover David’s new upcoming adventures in South Africa.


1. Why did you choose your path and how did you get started? 

“I always had a feeling that I would somehow make a career out of travel. It’s always been a passion of mine to explore new places and meet strangers who eventually become friends. I got started in 2007 hosting travel videos for my David’s Been Here web show. Since then I have expanded significantly and we now have guidebooks, merchandise, and custom tour packages. I still create my web show, which is why I thought the XShot would be the perfect compliment to my work. It’s small, portable, and I can easily travel with it. It helps me use my GoPro in ways I couldn’t before.”

2. How did you hear about the XShot camera extenders?

From my friend and fellow travel blogger, Ryan Gargiulo of Pause the Moment. When he came to Miami to visit, I took him to an Alligator Farm in the Everglades. He took the XShot with him on an airboat ride and filmed the whole thing. He got great footage of the ride, so I went on the XShot website and was blown away at how other people were using it, especially the professional skiers and snowboarders.” Read his XShot Pro very detailed review.

3. What do you always carry in your camera/travel bag? 

“I can’t leave without two extra camera batteries for my Canon 6D, a one-terabyte external hard drive, my monopod, and now my XShot, which has my GoPro attached to it.”

4. Where is your favorite location to take pictures?

“Anywhere from above. I love going to the top of the tallest buildings, surrounding hills, or anywhere that will give me great panoramic views of the places I visit.” 

 5We noticed that you had been very creative with the XShot, how do you think you will use it the most?

“It will for sure enhance my videos because now I will be able to get steady shots of myself walking through streets, markets, or other crowded places, plus I will be able to shoot busy areas from above because the XShot extends.

I am also happy that I won’t need to ask other people to take my picture anywhere again!”

6. Can you share an anecdote or funny story you encountered while using your XShot?

 “I have more of a warning for other XShot users: When fully extended, watch where you’re going! I almost wacked a few tourists in Belgrade while I was trying to get a video of myself walking.”

7. Tell us about your new exciting trips and projects to come.

“At the end of May,  I was off to the Faroe Islands and thenI’ll go to South Africa for a month beginning August 14th. The XShot will get lots of use in the coming months, for sure!”

About David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann is a twenty-something media production company CEO. Since 2007 his aim has been to bring destinations to life through fun and informative videos, as well as to help others travel independently. David publishes guidebooks and articles, and encourages all travelers to ditch the rushed group tours and buy a map! Find out more on

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