Don’t Make These Mistake While Traveling Abroad

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the most seasoned travelers are known to goof up every now and then. From getting off your train at the wrong stop to getting shortchanged in a cab, mistakes happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, apply what you’ve learned. Make sure that you’re prepared for your next trip abroad by avoiding these three common mistakes:

Mistake: Forgoing Home Security

Sure, you may have locked your doors and closed up your blinds, but your home may still be at risk while you’re traveling abroad. According to data reported by the FBI, there is a break-in every 15 seconds here in the U.S. And the months that are most popular for vacationers are also the hottest for crime: June, July and August. Many thieves are so bold, they even enter directly through the front door in the daytime.

Try this: Don’t tell everyone on social media that you’ll be away for a while!

Install Comprehensive Home Security

Rest assured that there is something you can do to take action in order to keep your home safe while you’re away. There are a number of advanced home security systems on the market today that are designed to keep a home safe. Lorex Technology offers everything from wireless outdoor cameras to HD and Color Night Vision options.  Additionally, you can use your smartphone or another device to check in on home, no matter how far away you are.

Mistake: Not Backing Up Image Files

xshot bali cormac moto rideIt can happen to anyone, even you. One minute you have all of your travel pics, the next, they’re gone. Whether your camera is stolen or you pick up some sort of foreign computer virus, having your images stored on a card or hard drive is just not enough.

Try this: Use Travel-Friendly Backup Devices and Cloud Storage

Whenever you have wi-fi during your trip, upload your photos on Dropox, Google drive or your own cloud plan.

If you’re packing light, a small, travel-friendly and portable backup device like the HyperDrive or Nexto DI might just do the trick. The HyperDrive allows photographers to import, sync, manage and recover digital files and its rechargeable battery is great to have while on the go. The Nexto DI is a modular memory backup system that can store both video and photo files. Photographers with Internet access while abroad should also consider uploading their files to the cloud. Using a digital storage solution can ensure that your photos will be accessible when you get home, and as an added bonus, there are no extra devices to pack.

Mistake: Forgetting to Notify Your Bank

This can happen anywhere, whenever you travel. You arrive at your destination, attempt to make a purchase, and what’s that? Your account can’t be processed. Not notifying your bank of travel plans, especially when you plan to travel abroad, can cause you big headaches once you arrive at your destination. Failing to notify your bank of your travel plans can lead to card cancellation due to conspicuous or unusual activity.

Try this: Call Ahead and Know Your Options

Before traveling be sure to notify your bank. This can be done with a single phone call, and with some banks, a few clicks of a button online. Be sure to let them know each and every country you will be traveling to on your trip. Also, it is wise to ask if your bank has international branches. In some cases international banks have joint ventures that waive their ATM fees.

Last but not least, verify the expiration date of your passport ahead of time, and make copies of your travel documents, that you keep in your bag.


Have fun and discover the world!

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