Selfielicious Photo Contest:  Post your Best Selfie and win some new XShot gear!

We partnered with Selfielicious, the new selfie app that allows users to stream their selfies to others in their social groups. This July Selfielicious is hosting a “best selfie” contest to spread the word about this cool app.

Enter HERE until August 31st, 2016.

Who doesn’t love a selfie? That’s the question Selfielicious is asking.  The statistics on selfies are nearly off the charts.  According to Google, in 2014 Android users will post 93 million selfies a day.  Millenials, at current rates, will post 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.  Everyone seems to love taking selfies. From Barak Obama, Kim Kardashian to elementary school teachers, people are getting out their phones and taking photos. Selfielicious is a new app that takes selfies to the next level by streaming them.

selfieliciousWith Selfielicious, users are able to share their selfie photographs with friends and followers in a photo feed and via the Selfielicious app on social media. Live streaming makes it easier to scroll through photos quickly in order to see the latest selfies posted by the app community. The app comes with photo-editing features. Users can sign in with Twitter or Facebook and promote their photos.  Designed with heavy selfie usage in mind, the app allows for unlimited selfies to be uploaded, sharing across social groups, and –soon—the ability to upload video streams.

Selfielicious has built in promotional functions so that people can judge and favorite the selfies of others in various categories, making it a true sharing and interactive app.

Selfielicious is running a contest with us that ends on August 31st.

They are asking everyone to contribute their best selfies to the pool and this September the best 3 selfies will be chosen to win one of 3 XShot selfie sticks and GoPro Poles:

xshot contest prizes

  1.  XShot Sport with GoPro Head
  2.  XShot Aqua, waterproof clear pole
  3.  XShot Deluxe Selfie Stick with remote and phone holder

XShot Selfielicious Photo Contest

“If you think you’ve got the coolest selfie on the planet we’re challenging you to post it on the Selfielicious app,” says creator, Wayne Hunter.  “We’re handing out three awesome XShot selfie sticks to the most creative entries.  So wow the Selfielicious community. Blow our hair back. Let’s see what you got!”

For more information visit the app’s homepage at:
Or email

Good luck and have a great selfielicious summer!

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