Knowing what to pack for your next big outdoor adventure is not easy.

Whether you’re a newbie to backpacking and adventuring or you are just looking to cut back on your overall pack weight, these are the outdoor adventure items you can’t leave home without. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits.

Solar Charger

Solar chargers are a must have as a connected adventurer. These lightweight and portable devices enable you to charge your devices, from a small camera like a GoPro to your smartphone or tablet. Solar chargers can power up any device with a USB charger. There are a range of solar chargers available today. Retailers like REI provide a wide range of different styles that can suit your travel and adventuring needs. In most cases you can attach these chargers to your pack to utilize the sunlight to provide power to your devices.


When exploring the backcountry your food options are limited. While you might have a few freeze-dried food options in your pack, make sure that you get the nutrition you need by packing supplements, too. Choose a supplement company that is safe and certified. Do your research and make sure they have a toxicologist-approved approach to supplements and they are regulated. Experts suggest trying out your new supplements at home before taking a big trip to see how your body responds.


As an outdoor adventurer you should have a GPS device on your gear list. While nearly all smartphones have built-in GPS systems, these map apps can not always be relied upon, especially if you’re going off the grid or into areas where cell reception is spotty. Oftentimes, the most beautiful and photo-worthy places are in areas with little to no cell service available. Make sure you don’t get lost by having a GPS like the Garmin Montana in your pack. This waterproof, touchscreen GPS device ensures that you won’t get lost no matter where your adventure takes you.


A powerful flashlight will come in handy no matter where your adventure takes you. Choose a style that’s not only powerful but lightweight, too. A small flashlight with a keychain hook can be easily adhered to your pack while you’re hiking. Headlamps are a must if you’re planning to get an early start on the trail before the sun comes up. Flashlights are an integral part when it comes to some night photography. If you plan to take any illuminated night photos while on your adventure, be sure to have a flashlight on your packing list.

Hand Warmers and Safety Blankets

Weather is unpredictable. You never know when the conditions will take a turn. Make sure you stay warm when it’s cold by packing hand warmers and safety blankets. Hand warmers aren’t just for your hands, either. You can put the small packets into your boots or shoes to keep your feet warm as well. When setting up camp in cold-weather areas a safety blanket can insulate your tent or shelter to keep you warm. Or, you can wrap yourself up in the blanket like most travelers do to stay warm.

trevlee XShot cliff selfie Yosemite Lower Falls

Photo credit : @trevlee in Yosemite

Electronics and Gadgets

We already talked about solar chargers for your phone or camera. In your accessory selection, think light and just pack the tools you will use, depending on the type of adventure you are planning. Do you need waterproof gear and bags or not? A mini tripod and XShot monopod or GoPro Pole with a universal smartphone holder are a safe bet and can help you get the shot you need during your trip. You can get hard to reach angles, time-lapse, and include you in the picture when you want to.

Have fun and get going!

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