Get your GoPro ready for summer! Introducing 3 new XShot Products: Dome Port - Aqua Pole - LED Light

Get your GoPro ready for summer, too.

You might be ready for the beach, but is your favorite camera? XShot is introducing new underwater gear at a great deal to help you get the most of your GoPro this summer… whether it’s scuba diving, snorkeling or just catching the action on the water!

For the launch, we are offering them at a discounted price, right in time for father’s day, graduation and vacation!

PageLines-dome-side-home.pngXShot Dome Port 

The XShot Dome allows for incredible “half-and-half” water line shots (like the one at the top of this email), and restores ultra-wide angle ability to GoPro® cameras when fully underwater. Includes handle, lanyard, dome – everything you need! Visit to learn more and see photo examples. Waterproof to 100ft/30m.

hawaii-xxshot dome underwater girl

Photo: Cormac O’Brien in Hawaii

6_7fb1c189-e49f-4f03-ae75-f9953e6fc2e3_1024x1024XShot Aqua Floating GoPro Pole

Perfect for water adventures. Constructed of tough, clear polycarbonate plastic, the Aqua pole will seem to simply disappear into the background and leave behind the perfect shot. Lightweight, compact, extendable. The transparent pole is waterproof, buoyant, and comes with a GoPro Remote clip. Perfect for the beach and water use.


Big LEDXShot LED GoPro Light

Wide angle, neutral 300 lumens with adjustable (150 lumens) brightness. Dual-mount system allows attachment to the camera directly, and to any standard GoPro-style mount – keeping camera directly in-line with the light source.

The light helps capture great video in any lighting condition – indoors, dusk, night, or underwater. Waterproof to 100ft/30m.

xshot aqua pole and led light

They can also be used with the rest of the underwater XShot accessories:

XShot Sports Pole

Compact. Salt-water tested. Tough. Meet the best go-anywhere and do-anything GoPro Pole, featuring premium salt-resistant anodized aluminum construction, a very rugged twist-locking shaft with quick release offering a 39.25” extra reach. It includes a Pole, universal phone holder, tripod adapter and paracord lanyard.

XShot Bite Grip

The breathable soft silicone mouthpiece is perfect for hands-free filming while surfing, SUP, or skating.

XShot Float Handle

Includes waterproof compartment – use it for keys or cash, or flood to make this negatively buoyant.



Have fun this summer!

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