The holidays are a wonderful time for the reuniting of friends and family. It’s the time of year where everyone takes a little time and intention to appreciate each other. However, the holidays are also high time for bad weather, and you should take be extra careful when on icy roads. Here are some winter road tips for the holiday season.

Holiday Driving Tips

Rest Up!

With the holidays come sweets — Grandma’s Christmas cookies, Mom’s famous cinnamon rolls — and is unfortunately is in tandem with cold and flu season. When you get enough sleep, you not only cut down on your chances of getting sick, but the roads become safer as well. Driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. A rested mind reacts with sharper accuracy and alertness than a mind that is tired from lack of sleep or illness.

Weather & Traffic Reports

Holiday travel means more traffic than usual. Check weather conditions and traffic reports regularly. Many highways and freeways have AM stations that provide information about road and weather conditions.

Bring the right Tech Gear

Do not forget your phone and camera chargers and extra batteries, along with a car charger. You may need it for emergencies while on the road, letting your family know that you are arriving or asking for a last minute gift idea for your sister, while entering a nearby Target! Don’t forget your XShot Selfie Stick to capture some fun family Holiday pictures and a selfie with Rudolf.

Flats & Chains

A spare tire is always a must-have when you undertake a long road trip. Americans face 220 million flat tires every year! Don’t become part of that statistic. Before a long drive to visit family, check your tires for wear. Small stress fractures in worn tires can cause leaks, and eventually blowouts or flats. Snow chains might make handling better in deep snow, but they’re also hard on your tires and can wear the rubber. Check out this infographic from TireBuyer for more about road safety.


Source: TireBuyer Blog

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