BenSpark-“I am not a famous blogger” (but he is …) has been an early XShot adopter and has always pushed the limits of his devices. Last time we saw him, he came up with an amazing apparatus he used to record videos and interviews at CES 2011. As we are all getting ready for CES 2012 and looking forward to the new releases and products, we wanted to share BenSpark’s rig with you. This is a great way to record self-videos and interviews while strolling shows and events, and Ben’s nifty solution allows you to get a very professional result, with great sound and images. Now that Andrew has an iPhone 4S, this rig will be fantastic with the new iPhone photo and video capabilities.

Guest post by Ben Spark

Earlier this year I attended CES as a blogger for XShot. I was there to talk to people, make videos and explore the CES floor. Well, I had with me my very special recording rig that was built around my XShot.



                                                        First was my recording device and that is a Kodak PlayTouch digital video camera.

The PlayTouch is a great camera for making quick video recordings. It records in HD and it has a Mic input jack. You can do some editing on the camera itself, you can change the settings on how the camera records, maybe you want black and white, maybe you want sepia. It also has a great large screen for reviewing the videos that you take.

The next piece was the bar with the light on it. The light is a Sima rechargeable light and the bar came with the light, it has space to attach the light and also a place to attach the camera. The light is very powerful and great if you are recording somewhere dark.

I have a clip on Mic from Sony as part of my rig but am looking to buying a shotgun mic to capture better sound. The wire is a bit of a pain but I make it work.

Also there is a magnetic lens that attaches to the lens of the camera via a stick on magnetic ring. I put on a wide angle lens so that I could capture even more with the camera. It is a simple purchase and the wide angle lens unscrews to give you a macro lens as well.

So, if you are going to go to interviews with your XShot and camera or just out there recording yourself look for enhancements that you can use to make your own recording rig.


About BenSpark

Andrew “Drew” Bennett aka “BenSpark” has been blogging since ‘03. He created his blog, as a way to share his travels with friends and family. However in ‘05 he started a project that would change the look and feel of his blog forever. Drew started taking and posting a photograph every single day and has been doing so for over 2394 consecutive days (roughly more than six years) straight. He shows no signs of stopping. When Drew learned that he was going to be a father he incorporated his love of reading and his tips on parenting into Drew has been able to translate his love for blogging into a busy speaking career at conferences all over the US. He can also be heard as one of the co-hosts of Geek Dads Weekly.

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