Giufo Soulboarder is an Italian outdoors fanatics and amazing photographer. Give him any kind of board, on wheels, on water or fresh powder and you’ll be amazed by what you see. It has been a love story between Giufo and the XShot team for years, and there are so many reasons why we love our Italian friend , that it is hard to even start a list… His amazing sense of color and photography… his everlasting enthusiasm for any new stunt, new free ride experience… his way of pushing the limits of what you can do and shoot with an XShot and GoPro camera…. his amazing loving and fun personality… endless creativity… and his love of gadgets, accessories, cameras and multiple XShot camera extenders!

1. Why did you choose your path and how did you get started? 

“I have been passionate about snowboarding almost immediately. I had been practicing skiing and surfing for some time and so it was natural! Free ride in particular is what fascinates me the most. I enjoy the contact with nature without any constraints, such as slopes or bounded areas . I feel the same at sea, practicing Stand Up Paddle and Surf and during my adventures mountain biking.”

2. How did you hear about the XShot camera extenders?
“I was looking for a good extension to start taking photos with my GoPro and I found XShot on the Internet. It was marketed by an online store in Germany and I immediately felt it was a good product.”

3. What do you always carry in your camera/travel bag? 

“I always have a lot of equipment in my camera bag… sometimes I have more than just a bag! Usually I have a Canon SLR with a small zoom lens, a wide angle and a telephoto lens. Then there is a compact Nikon, always useful in many situations, and then three GoPro that are my sports cameras. I also carry many accessories for GoPro cameras, a small tripod and three XShot extensions (XShot Pros and classic).”

4. Where is your favorite location to take pictures?
“I live on the sea front, really just a few meters from the beach in the south of Italy, in Otranto. There is a beautiful coastline, very suitable for photo shoots and a fascinating hinterland. I am also really lucky because I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the mountains, on the snow, in La Thuile, Aosta Valley.”

 5. We noticed that you had been very creative with the XShot, how do you think you will use it the most?

  “Thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm towards me! Now that my snow season is over and  that I’m back home by the sea, I think that I will use XShot also underwater.  This summer I want to experiment with the new XShot Pro and I want to use more of the many opportunities offered by the rotating head of XShot.  Actually, by rotating the camera about 45 degrees, you can get a great selfie without even seeing the  telescopic extension in your shot. (see picture)”

6. Tell us about your new exciting trips and projects to come.

 “My plans for next season are almost all on the sea: I will explore a part of the coast almost inaccessible by means of a special inflatable SUP. There will be also a lot of trips mountain biking, to explore the historical and natural wonders in my area in Italy. Finally, I intend to prepare to best the season on the snow next year with new solutions of shooting for new sports such as snow kiting!”

 About Giufo Soulboarder

“I was born in the heel of Italy, in 1957. I live and work in Otranto as a graphic designer and photographer but they are often outside the region to follow my new projects. From an early age I have had many opportunities to practice adventure and formative experiences. At age 11 I explored my first cave with a speleological group, and by the time I was 18, I had my diver’s license and enjoyed paragliding. I attended the Faculty of Geology at the University of Urbino. I worked for 17 years as a professional Skipper on large sailboats, catamarans in particular. My favorite sports are surfing, SUP and, during winter, snowboarding, snowkiting and freeride in general. Photography has always been a passion of mine in both documentary and sporting and I had the honor and satisfaction of seeing many of my images chosen and published. I have a very personal idea of light. I think that the colors do not exist in reality but are only perceived by the soul. So my photography -when the work does not compel me to realism- is purely irrational and emotional.”

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