Basic 2-Button Bluetooth Remote Only
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Handy little device

Can a little remote control stun anybody, you ask? Because, in this day of foreign made, poorly conceived, poorly executed, poorly documented electronic devices, this item stands alone in my experience

by JohnDoe on Blank Business Name

With this gizmo, it's basically like any other remote control - once the position of the controls are learned, it can be used without even looking at it, which is a plus in the car

by Michael on Blank Business Name
Very powerful add on gadget

The size is just right, tiny but not fiddly. It's a bit light for my liking, but that's fine.

I bought it so I could use it as a remote for when I was in my car, safer, more convenient, adds an extra wow factor to the passenger.

Useful for snapping pictures with your phone at arms length on an XShot Extender Pole, or for using with an XShot Mini Travel Tripod to take a long-distance photo of a group or expanded scenery. The remote features two buttons to snap a picture or start a video for iPhone or Android cameras.