Mobile Phone Car Windshield Dash Mount

    Mobile Phone Microsuction Mount

    • Uses micro-suction – millions of microscopic suction nodes – to both attach the mount to a windshield (or any smooth surface) and to hold mobile phone
    • Micro-suction phone grip adheres quickly to phones (or any flat phone case) without the use of adhesives, clips, or locks
    • Clean, sophisticated design – aluminum and polycarbonate plastic
    • Rotates 360° for different viewing angles
    • Included milled aluminum mounting disc unit to be attached to any dashboard surface, or other non-smooth surfaces
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     3 reviews

    by Garibaldi on Blank Business Name
    Works for me!

    With Ohio now having the Laws regarding Phone usage in a car, I needed to find a soltuion for my Wife. Her car is an older Ford taurus and doesn't have any of the bluetooth options for pairing your phone with your Car's Stereo system. I purchased this based on it working with the iPhone 4s and the price.

    For Dad

    Give this to my dad because he doesn't know how to use the properties of his car radio, this is easy for him.

    by Allan Stika on Blank Business Name
    I am now hands free.

    Illinois law now requires hands free cell phone devices while driving. The unit is great.

    How does it work?

    xshot car mount- Micro-suction uses the power of millions of microscopic suction cups to grip securely t any smooth surface like plastic, glass, metal or finished wood. - To attach the mount to a windshield, firmly press the stand's micro-suction base against the glass for instant grip. Attach your phone by simply pressing it to the holding arm for a few seconds. - Rotate the arm to the desired angle.


    The XShot Phone mount micro-suction pads must be clean to form a strong suction bond. Over time, dust or dirt may collect on the suction pads which attach the phone and mounting surface, especially if you take on and off often. If you feel that the grip is not as strong after a while, it is very easy, unlike traditional suction mounts, to clean and refresh your pads so they perform like new. Simply take a piece of adhesive tape and dab the surfaces clean to remove any grime, dust or debris.