Thanks Arnie Jacobson from Romantic Vacations Guide for your travel tips and great video review of the XShot Camera Extender, the ultimate travel accessory.

The XShot has been used for many different things such as family pictures, action and sport videos with GoPro cameras, vlogging, concert pictures above the crowd and more but the initial idea came in 2006 when the inventor Michael went to France. He could not get a decent picture of himself and his wife with the Louvre museum in the background and tried to come up with a solution.

Arnie totally got that travel photography frustration and loved the XShot simple answer:

“Everybody loves to keep a photo record of their travels. From time to time, Jodi and I love to sit down and go through our photos and it just brings back memories of the wonderful times we had on our romantic vacations. You look at the photos but rarely you get to see both of you in the same photo. Does that sound familiar? I bet it does because we have been through that.

There are ways around it like the infamous stretching your arm out as far as you can, trying to get both of you in and some part of the scenery behind you so you know where that was. And how about stopping a complete stranger and handing them your camera, maybe an expensive camera, walking away from them and asking them to take a picture. It can be done but it’s a drag. So, I’ve got a product for you that will allow you and your sweetie to be in every photo, anytime , anywhere. It’s called the XShot.” Source XShot Camera Extension YouTube video.

Video Arnie Jacabsen on Youtube

One little tip we would add to Arnie’s demo : when you don’t want to see the XShot shaft in the picture, just keep your elbow close to your body and angle up the camera extender to be at face level. It will look like a someone else took the picture for you.

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