You remember the contest ran with us the whole month of January?  “How far can you stretch your arm?”

Congratulations to the lucky winners! is a very cool  free, calendar-based photography site. Members are given a calendar, linked to the site’s community, and encouraged to upload one daily photo. Its image and subject matter is up to you, but the idea is clear — documenting one image per every day of your life will leave you with an impressive visual history to look back on. Check them out.

We got amazing people submitting very creative pictures and ShutterCal’s jury had the difficult task to choose 12 winners…
The number 12 was pretty hilarious and built a wooden “Big shot” for his DSLR camera with a video to explain…

Shuttercal winners Small

Thank you guys for your participation.
We would love to be able to recreate the same grid with your new self-portraits using your XShot Camera Extender!

Please send them at or post them on

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