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Our dear friend and travel expert Beth Whitman from WanderTours is doing the famous Snowman Trek in the Himalayas as we speak… and we wanted to honor her and her team.  Let’s tell you more about their challenge and go back to her previous one in 2014. What a journey…

I went myself to Bhutan this year thanks to Beth and fell in love with this country, the people, the landscape and the pure happiness that truly runs through your veins when you discover the little kingdom, nested in the Himalayas. But the snowman Trek is something else, way beyond the trek to get to the magnificent and iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery near Paro.

 The Snowman trek is one of the most difficult treks in the world but let’s be bold like Beth.

Bhutan’s pristine landscape, wonderful people and fascinating Buddhist culture provide the ingredients for a memorable journey into one of the world’s most remote kingdoms. The trek crosses eleven high passes over 4,500m that define the borders of Bhutan and Tibet. Not for the occasional Sunday hiker…

We were very proud to be a sponsor of WanderTours’ Snowman Trek in Bhutan. Not only it was an epic adventure for those participating, but we were thrilled by the opportunity of helping support RENEW, a Bhutan-based organization that seeks to empower women and girls in Bhutan, especially those affected by domestic violence.

Beth documented her epic trail with her faithful XShot extender everyday with a selfie and there is no better way than discovering the journey by looking at her footage along the road and happy smiles at the end.

Enjoy …

More about the Snowman trek and how to get ready for it.

The Snowman Trek with Beth Whitman and xshot every day selfie


The Snowman Trek with Beth Whitman and xshot selfies


All photos by Beth Whitman

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