Have you ever been in a situation where you and a friend wanted to take a picture, but couldn’t both be in it because someone had to hold the camera? Well with XShot’s neat invention, you can be in the picture! This small, hand held, camera tripod is perfect for any occasion and you can take it with you almost anywhere! There are 3 different XShot products. The XShot 2.0 which Extends to 37” for only $29.95 . And the XShot for iPhone works for both 3G & 3GS for $29.95. And the Pocket xShot Extends to 30.5” for only $24.95 All Of The Products Are Great for Traveling, Family Photos, Honeymoons, Concerts, Camping ect. I Highly Recommend XShot To Anyone Who Wants To Be In The Picture! I Want To Thank XShot For Sending Me Out A Free Sample To Review! I Was Not Payed To Say This This Is My Own Opinion. -Trevor Livingston

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