Every month AsWeTravel reviews a new travel product and they tried out our camera accessory, the Pocket XShot , the compact version of the telescopic XShot, perfect to fit in a bag or pocket. Thank you Sofia and Nathan for your great review of the XShot camera extender. We are thrilled to see that it is now part of your travel bag to take pictures and videos on the go and we are looking forward to seeing a lot of self-videos from your European trip: 30 countries in 90 days…

 “I think it is a pretty good idea, especially if you are a solo traveler and you want to take a photo of yourself without to have to ask a stranger to do it for you. Or like us , if we want to take a photo of ourselves together.” source aswetravel.com

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Nathan Schacherer and Sofia von Porat have been traveling around the world together since 2008. They run the popular travel site AsWeTravel.com sharing weekly travel advice, city guides and videos with the mission to inspire, and provoke others to get out there and really enjoy the world.  Since As We Travel was founded in 2010, Nathan & Sofia have traveled and blogged from over 40 countries together,  filmed HD travel videos in over 33 countries and become one of the top ranked travel blogs in the industry.

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