Tutorial for XShot Sports Pole for GoPro

Meet the best go-anywhere and do-anything GoPro Pole. Follow Cormac in his XShot Sport demo, with tips to unlock and extend safely the locking pole for amazing result in the water, in the air and everywhere!

The XShot Sports GoPro Pole is our new all weather action pole specifically made for GoPro and action cameras, but it does come with other adapters for other devices . The XShot pole is about 12 inches condensed and it extends all the way out to 40 inches, or any size in between depending on your needs .

The easiest way to open the pole is to push in a little bit on the end and open it by screwing counterclockwise. Then you extend the pole all the way out. The XShot Sports is different from the classic XShot extenders as it is a locking pole.

-To lock it, you turn the shaft clockwise and it won’t collapse or come in at all, it is very strong.

-To unlock it and store it, all you have to do is do the reverse: twist it counter-clockwise and bring in each length while pushing in. You can adjust it and use it at any length you want . It also comes with a provided strong Paracord lanyard and adapter for other cameras or phones.

Have fun with it and get outside!

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