Do we need a crew and big equipment to make great and effective videos? Are Homemade videos or Pro videos better for you or your brand?

It is not only a question of budget, even though it is important for small companies and bloggers, it also depends on the purpose of the video, the message and image you want to convey. David Frey of has is own theory about why the “Stinky Homemade videos” get the most positive comments, and he shared his little-known secrets for creating captivating videos online.

Thank you David for including the XShot Camera Extender and iPhone Tripod case in your video tips! They were indeed created to be the perfect self-video and self-portrait tools.

You can tell on the picture that David is an XShot master, holding his arm close to the body and getting the perfect angle with the camera stick to have the iPhone at eye-level : it looks as if someone is shooting the video and you will not see the telescopic rod at all 🙂

Discover David Freys  Homemade Video Tips

The Walk and Talk Video

The Drive and Talk Video (Be careful there!)

How to remember what to say in the video?

How to render the homemade video?

Photo @David Frey Marketing

I encourage you to read the comments on David’s article as you will find other very good tips : We love Scott Skibell from who is one of our favorite video genius guys along with Steve Garfield and the way he uses homemade videos to close deals and make an impression on his prospects is just AWESOME.


David Frey is the Founder, He is also the author of the best selling book, “The Small Business Marketing Bible” and many other marketing courses. To find out more about this author, please visit .

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