Andrew Evans is National Geographic’s digital nomad. He travels all over the world and shares his adventures on line.

We were very curious to know what a great wired traveler would carry in his travel bag and we were thrilled to see that he always has with him the XShot Camera Extender. Andrew carries the original XShot 2.0 with the longer extension (up to 39″) and the more compact travel version, the Pocket XShot that extends from 6.5 to 30.5″ in seconds. The XShot allows the traveler to be in his pictures and videos when he wants to and to get hard to reach angles over a cliff or a crowd.

Andrew Evans is currently in Japan, check out his posts: the “Buried Alive” story and hipstamatic pictures are really good.

Photo Source: Photo by Andrew Evans, National Geographic

“Good nomads travel light. We might live in a time where our car-sized suitcases have spinner wheels attached, but the earliest human travelers understood that moving quickly and freely is what mattered most . . . . and they packed accordingly. As a modern-day nomad, I try to follow their example and underlying concept: Take what you need, leave the rest behind. All the items pictured above (and listed below) make up the gear that I am traveling with right this very minute.” said Andrew Evans.

Check out the rest of his travel gear.

What do YOU carry in your travel pack?

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