Thank you Rebecca for the great XShot extender and universal phone holder! The scenery in the Oklahoma ranch is beautiful and we loved your kid’s photobombing! We are looking forward to watching more.

“This video is about XShot 2.0 GoPro Camera Extender. I added a Mobile Phone Holder and shot this entire video with my iPhone 5.”

YouTube Video: Rebecca Darling

“This fall, while at a blogging conference, I was introduced to the XShot 2.0 for GoPro, an extendable “stick” for GoPro cameras. What intrigued me about the XShot 2.0, was the adapter you could buy for your mobile phone. While you can easily find a camera extender for a GoPro, most do not have the ability to fit your mobile phone to take pictures, selfies, or even video.”

Read more and follow her adventures on R We There Yet Mom  : XShot 2.0 Camera Extender – a Must Have for Travelers

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