We shared with you our Gift ideas for the Photographer and Gadget lover in a previous post and wanted to give you a few more suggestions for the Tech or the Travel & Leisure Dad selected by Splash Magazines.

Father’s Day Technology Gifts – Tech Gift Guide Roundup 2012

Check Out the Splash magazine Selection : All Items are sorted by price from most expensive to least expensive. It starts with a big LED Television (quite a gift for father’s day!), and presents notebooks, cool projectors, sound systems, camera, spy pens, software and great camera and iPhone accessories, including our XShot iPhone 4S Tripod Case

We Really like the Pocket Projector For IPhone 4 Devices, that allows you to project pictures and videos on any surface. Pretty nifty!

To make it even better it is rechargeable and powers the iPhone and can even be used as a back-up battery. We all know how much we unfortunately could use the extra juice… You may have to call your brothers and sisters to chip in for Dad as it is $230.

Travel & Leisure Gifts – Travel & Leisure Gift Guide Roundup for 2012

A big selection of trips, getaways, travel tech and fun accessories including the Pocket XShot Camera Extender to get Dad in his travel pictures!

The travel pillow is quite hilarious 🙂

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