Anil, also know as foXnoMad, is an avid traveler who has been on the road for the past three years and plans to visit every country in the world… He is a permanent traveler and he runs the popular travel blog foXnoMad, where he shares tips, tricks, and tech we can use to travel smarter – no matter where we go or how we travel.

Are you planning a trip? Looking for a travel gift? Check out foXnoMad travel gadget and gear selection for the Holidays. A perfect Travel Must-Haves list right on time for Christmas shopping. “I’ve got the categories of tech you’re most likely to be looking at, along with my personal favorites added in for good measure. From expensive to cheap, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your traveling techie.” said Anil.

Thank you Anil for including the XShot camera extender in your awesome selection and for telling us that you were using yours all the time, especially to open up photographic angles. By the way your XShot picture of Saint Sofia in Istanbul is spectacular. Check it out below and on foXnoMad.

” The shot from the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in Turkey  can only be gotten if you throw yourself off the top balcony (ouch) or use an  XShot Extender  (~$25). This monopod lets you take good photos of yourself with background and company included – perfect for the solo traveler who only has photos of their face close-up from a million places around he world. Also, like I mentioned above, you can get photos above a crowdand over physical barriers as well.” Source foXnoMad.

FoXnoMad’s travel gift guide is really complete and covers a lot of categories: Digital Cameras and Accessories; mobile phones; Connections, Coils and Cables: Going MacGyver; Travel Books; eReaders; laptop and accessories. Check out the selection at

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