SANTA BARBARA, Calif. –- August 22, 2007 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- Originally designed to help people take photos of themselves without the inevitable arm extension, XShot, LLC, announces a product that is gaining popularity in still photography, and the video industry as well.

What is the XShot? The XShot is a hand-held, monopod-like product that allows the user to capture their picture when no one is around to take it for them.

“People no longer have to rely on arm extensions or passing strangers to take their pictures”, Michael Daoud, co-founder of XShot, LLC, said. “Photographers and videographers can now be a part of the memory and get a great image without tripod assembly.”

The XShot extends over three feet and is made of high-quality stainless steel. A custom-designed camera adapter has a built-in thumb screw that attaches to the camera. The XShot closes to nine inches, weighs 3.9 ounces, and neatly fits into a pocket.

A recent article — XShot Revolutionizes the MySpace Pose, Renders the Tripod Obsolete — appeared on, a popular web site that covers the latest gadgets; it has received an overwhelming response.

According to Daoud, people from over 65 different countries responded within 72 hours.

Due to its versatility and special effects for self portraits and video diaries, the XShot has captured the attention of YouTube and MySpace audiences

One such effect is achieved with the XShot when the camera is placed in video mode and the user spins in place 360 degrees. When played back, the video appears three-dimensional and the subject seems to be standing still while the background revolves.

“Many people have commented that it resembles a special effect used in Hollywood films,” John Stump, co-founder of XShot said.

The idea first came to Daoud on a trip to France. He was visiting the Louvre Museum with his wife and tried to capture a photo of them with the Louvre in the background. The camera was at arm’s length and only a small part of the museum’s roof was captured; the telescopic arm idea was born.

So, whether seeking self portraits, blog or video diaries, he XShot brings a fresh, new focus to the future of photography.

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