We are very proud to go back on the road with Norberto Henriques and his team for the Second Edition of the “Rumo a Santiago”, The Way of Saint James. The 3 cyclists are gearing up for their trip and are going to document their epic journey like they did last year with the help of their Pocket XShot and XShot 2.0.


“In 2011, three friends decided to embrace one of the greatest adventures of our lives: making a long trip in total autonomy by bicycle. Soon we chose theFrench Way of Saint James, which starts on the French Pyrenees and ends on Santiago de Compostela in Spain, on a 800 kilometers journey.
This was the birth of project Rumo a 
Santiago (Towards Saint James), a project that consists on promoting everything that is related to the Way of Saint James.

This project also includes a solidarity cause, as we try to support solidarity institutions in association with the trips that we organize on an yearly basis through the innumerous different routes of the Way of Saint James.

We were very glad to know that XShot was excited about our project. As we wanted to document our trip with as many pictures as possible, and as this type of journey implies that we don’t always have someone to ask for a picture, the XShot accessory revealed very useful for us, enabling us to take pictures of our group on our own in many occasions.

As a result of XShot support, we have many memories of our 11 days journey in pictures that we would not be able to take otherwise. We definitely recommend this accessory for anyone that is planning to go on a similar trip. We actually have been telling about it to all of our friends and to all the people that talk to us asking for details about it. For that we are forever grateful! Thank you XShot!” Norberto Henriques

They are supporting a great cause along the way, raising money for a Portuguese non-profit called Acreditar, helping children with cancer. If you want to participate, please check out their site: http://ppl.com.pt/en/prj/rumo-santiago and follow them on facebook.

Stay tuned for their 2012 adventures!

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