XShot is from Santa Barbara, California, where surfing is a way of life, not far from Rincon and with lots of cool spots.

But this is totally radical and different, fresh water surfing! We were stoked to find out about it through bonosurf.com and the footage they took is amazing.
Source: Yep www.bonosurf.com                                Source:  www.bonosurf.com photo taken with XShot Extender

The tidal bore is a rare phenomenon found on only a few of the world’s great waterways, usually in areas with a large tidal range (typically more than 6 meters / 20 ft between high and low water) and where incoming tides are funneled into a shallow, narrowing river or lake via a broad bay.


It occurs when an incoming tide rushes up a river and forms waves that can travel for miles. Bores occur in relatively few locations worldwide, mainly in Brazil, the UK, India, Indonesia, Canada and France.

It is stunning how a quiet river can all of a sudden transform into intense turbulence with rumbling noise and produce these extra long waves. Ocean waves last less than a minute but here surfers can ride forever.  Amazing.

The Bonosurf team organizes surf trips on the Bono and was recently in charge of a Rip Curl Search event which brought Pro surfers Tom Curren, Dean Brady, Bruno Santos, Tyler Larronde and Ohney Anwar.
Check out www.bonosurf.com if you want to try out the awesome chocolate waves.
During their last trip they initiated some local kids to Bono Surfing and took some great self-portaits with their XShot camera extender on the board. Love it guys!

                                                                                More pictures on Bonosurf

“If the Bono can reach barreling momentum for 10-15 minutes, the main course is probably 2-5ft soft peeling waves

, allowing dozens of round-house cutbacks, probably best suited for longboarders, paddlesurfers, intermediates surfers and even beginners. The bore breaks up to 4h, about 50 km rides, and each surfer end up surfing 1 hour or so on 4-5 sections. Record time is 1hour 02′ by Bagé : a 1h30 continuous ride could easily be achieved soon !”  www.bonosurf.com

Check out the unbeleivable Ripcurl Bono video

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