SANTA BARBARA, CA – July 8, 2010 – For kayak fishing fanatics, holding the camera steady in one hand and gripping the fish with the other to capture a photo of their prized catch proved to be just about impossible.

xshot kayak camera mount


Recognizing the need for a better way, XShot recently launched the XShot Kayak Mount, a simple and affordable hands-free device that mounts to your kayak to help you more easily document your catches with a picture or a video. No more tall tales about the big fish being caught. The XShot Kayak Mount was created to be used with the XShot 2.0 camera extender, which was voted as “Kayak Fishing’s Camera Accessory of the Year 2009’” by

The XShot is a telescopic metallic arm that attaches to any compact digital camera or hand-held video recorder to make it possible for people to photograph and film themselves anywhere, without having to do the awkward single-arm stretch or ask a stranger for help. “We are grateful to the kayak fishing community for bringing their needs to our attention,” said Michael Daoud, co-founder of XShot, LLC. “We specifically designed this product for kayak fishermen because it is so important for them to document their catches while being out on the water for hours, especially for a catch and release trip.” With help from enthusiastic Canadian kayak anglers, Jeffrey Goudreau and Don Theoret, XShot created the ultimate kayak fishing photography accessory that attaches your camera securely to the kayak allowing you to photograph yourself and record your fishing adventures without the fear of dropping your camera – or more importantly, your fish – in the water. “Its primary benefit is that it frees up your hands so you can focus on those prized catches,” said kayak fishing fanatic and expert Jeffrey Goudreau.


Designed and made in the United States, the XShot Kayak Mount retails for $39.95 and is available at Weighing in at only 170 grams with a heavy duty construction, this device is very sturdy and is perfect for kayak fishermen. The product was tested last summer and became a popular Kayak accessory in different Kayak Fishing tournaments in Canada such as the Ontario Kayak Fishing Classic and the CPR Virtual Derby. “Many of us do a lot of self-photography while out fishing and this product has been a real savior,” said Don Theoret of, Ontario’s premiere kayak fishing forum. “It beats having to take a picture of the fish flopping on our laps; we can now actually be in the picture.”

XShot LLC is proudly sponsoring great Kayak Fishing events in 2010: CKA AYOTI Tournament, Ontario Kayak Fishing Series OKFS and the Yakfisher Catch, Photo and Release Virtual Derby where the XShot Kayak Mount and Camera Extender become very handy as the picture is the only proof of the catch.

xshot kayak ram mount

About XShot LLC XShot LLC is a leading innovator in the camera accessory market. XShot produces the popular XShot 2.0 Camera Extender, the Pocket XShot, a more compact version of the original rod and recently the XShot iPhone Case with a built in tripod adapter. Armed with a camera, camcorder or an iPhone, everyday photographers no longer have to try and stretch their arms as far as possible to get a picture, let alone capture the background. The XShot digital camera accessories have become popular with travelers, social media users, honeymooners, outdoor lovers, families, and digital scrapbook fans. The XShot and XShot Kayak Mount are available online at

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